The iGenius Digital Euro 2022 Event In Germany

iGenius top field leader, Shojaa Nasief, and his team, hosted the iGenius Digital Euro 2022 event in Germany on July 23rd. This event brought in over 2,000 people who were eager to learn more about the iGenius opportunity.

Shojaa said,

“We had a goal to make this the biggest event for the Arabic community in Europe. As founder of the biggest iGenius Arab community, I knew there were still so many people who could be blessed and benefit from this amazing online business. I knew numerous people could make a career out of this opportunity.

My goal was to share the iGenius opportunity and introduce network marketing and the financial markets to communities who have had imperfect circumstances affect their lives. I want to help those people change their lives and help make their dreams a reality.

With a lot of hard work, I believe the Digital Euro 2022 event was a massive success.”

Top SK academy educators presented at the event, detailing the exclusive iGenius education.

Stefan Kassing, educator and founder of the SK Academy and SequaliZer product, said,

“At live events there is this magical and unique energy that connects people in the room. Most people in attendance are there for the same reason, to grow and succeed.

I like these events because they help build trust and belief. People see that I am no different than they are, and it gives them a chance to relate to me, and that’s powerful.”

Aycan Schäffler, another well respected SK educator said,

“Meeting like-minded people and enjoying each other’s company is a great way to leave your comfort zone and start doing something unusual! Events, for the majority, are a great starting point of a new lifelong journey of learning.”

iGenius Senior Director of Sales, Christian Crabtree, also shared the iGenius vision and direction of the company.

Top leaders also spoke about how iGenius has changed their lives, and how they are on a mission to impact as many people as possible.

Rakan Khalifa, a well-known top field leader said the following about the iGenius Digital Euro 2022 event,

“The energy was absolutely amazing. The team has been working on this event for some time, and so many people traveled hours to be there. It’s amazing to see iGenius impact the lives of so many people in Europe.”

Overall, the iGenius Digital Euro 2022 event was a great success.

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