Diego Cajigal From Ecuador, joins DECENTRA As Ambassador For Latin America

Diego Cajigal is a network marketing professional from Ecuador, who has many talents as he is also a business administration engineer, certified integral ontological coach as well as networking mentor and coach.

With such and impressive curriculum it comes as no surprise that Diego has been considered perfect for the role of Ambassador of DECENTRA in Latin America.

With a significant track record of 20 years in the network marketing industry, Diego has reaped many achievements. On his path, Diego went through 6 companies in South America and worldwide, which he describes as “wonderful”, reached some of the highest ranks in all of them and made it into several top earners ranks.

After having developed his professional career in the traditional sector, where he occupied one of the highest corporate position, Diego finally took the decision to move to network marketing:

“Although I have corporate training, I am passionate about building, leadership and training of high-performance teams. I have always actively contributed to the corporate part as well with my experience and my results.

In the end, my desire to be the owner of my time and to be able to enjoy it without limits and with the people I love invited me to take the decision to start a business.”

As it often happens in the MLM industry, there was one business presentation that changed it all for Diego:

“I just thought: that’s for me, that’s what I’m looking for. And from that moment on, I set out to work without excuses to generate the results that other people in the same circumstances as me, with no previous experience, but with determination, had already achieved.

There have been many challenges along the way, and many reasons to give up, but being loyal to my decision to move forward until I won brought me satisfaction and joys that were far greater than any temporary adversity.”

Being active in the network marketing industry inevitably brings you across very many different people. So, one day it came to Diego’s attention that a team of visionary leaders with Mr. Jonathan Sifuentes at the head, who had already generated great results that benefited thousands of families around the world and broke all records, were about to launch a new company.

“I quickly understood that DECENTRA would also have one of the most experienced and serious corporate governance ever assembled. This piqued my interest and invited me to take action.

At the moment the company is at the top of the evolution of the network marketing industry with state-of-the-art products and services focused on educating and developing personally and financially at all levels.

Global from day one and with a projection never seen before in the industry, we foresee great things to come for those who decide to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Something I would like to highlight is the high level of professionalism of the team, both in the corporate team with the direction of a very experienced CEO Carlos Arteseros, and respected figures in the industry, such as Shane Morand and Gorka Buces, with whom we work hard and hand in hand, giving us the confidence of the company’s support.

Also mentioning the high-level leadership we have with successful entrepreneurs of great tack record and impressive results, such as Juan Carlos Torres, with whom we have made a great team and a great friendship.”

As a DECENTRA Ambassador for Latin America, Diego is now setting out to support both the corporate and the field, creating a strong link between the both.

His main goal is to positively influence the development and growth of productive, united, ethical and world-class leadership teams, but also to enjoy quality time with his family, which has always been an important component and reason to dedicate himself to the MLM business.


DECENTRA is in a positioning phase with global leaders as a technology and education company that creates tools to make technology and financial opportunities accessible to everyone.

DECENTRA defines itself as a DeFi strongly committed to innovation and the most disruptive new technologies, both in the financial field and in other types of applications: smart contracts, virtual reality, NFT, Blockchain technology.

DECENTRA dares to understand the future to conquer the present, and to prepare people in the present to transform their future. To find out more, please visit: www.decentrauniverse.com

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