First Ever iGenius Event in the United Kingdom

On August 6th, 2022 the first ever iGenius event was held in London, England. With only a handful of iGenius distributors, and limited promotion, the event brought in over three hundred and fifty people and was a major success.

Klaudia Kowalczyk, one of the hosts of the iGenius UK event said,

“My goal was to hold the biggest financial education event in the UK. I wanted to teach people about the financial markets and show them it’s never too early or too late to learn something new.

With the help of our leaders, we were able to share this incredible opportunity and impact hundreds of lives. Setting up this event wasn’t cheap, and we only had a small team working to make it successful, however, seeing that room full of people eager to change their situations made it all worth it!

Seeing examples of individuals who had a hard start in life, who made the decision to change everything, made people in the audience realize there’s no difference between us and them.

Our event was a huge success and we helped over 350 people realize they have a vehicle to access the life that they want right here. This is just the beginning for the UK team and we cannot wait to impact thousands more lives.”

iGenius Team UK

Lily Zaremba, a well-respected top field leader said the following about the UK event,

The event in London was the 4th stop of our international tour, and it was not easy to pull off, especially when the the team is starting off quite small.

But I knew that with Klaudia’s leadership leading the entire UK team that they could pull this off no matter how challenging it sounded.

We were all quite nervous and unsure what the turnout would be. On the day of the event we were in shock and so excited to see the room full. There was a lot of excitement, and a feeling of absolute accomplishment that ‘it’s only impossible until it’s done’, and this seemed impossible.

“Seeing a Diamond Executive rank on your team pull off an extraordinary event like this is a true example that leadership is not measured by rank.

Overall the event was a huge success. I have never seen so many people lining up at our registration booths excited to become a part of the iGenius platform.”

To help spread awareness about the event, the top three inviters were awarded a three-day all-inclusive paid trip to Mallorca, Spain. The winners of this trip were Donata Sungailaite, Saf Hassan, and Kornelia Serwatka.

The iGenius event in the United Kingdom impacted many lives, and we’re excited to see the growth that comes from this successful event.

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