iGenius Women’s Gala In Germany

On July 29th, 2022 top iGenius female leaders hosted an unforgettable iGenius Women’s Gala in Stuttgart, Germany.

During the event hundreds of women gathered together and were empowered by special guest speakers and an open panel event focusing on rising stars, leaders, and the power of iGenius.

Anna Mayr, one of the hosts said,

“When I started with iGenius three years ago, it was very apparent that the majority of the iGenius community was dominantly male.

I always had a vision in mind to create a powerful women’s movement, not because I like women more than men, but because I wanted to show women how much potential they have to build a strong business.

This event was the biggest proof of how powerful women can be when they work and grow together.

Our mission is to show every woman that if she really wants to build up her own business and change her life, she can definitely do it and we will be there to help her.”

Leoni Mager, another woman who hosted the event said,

“One thing that is very special about women is that they have a lot of energy! When they learn to unite their energy and lead their energy in the right direction, amazing things can happen!

Leoni Mager

This iGenius Women’s Gala event had so much energy and brought forth so much emotion. We danced, we sang, we cried, and we celebrated so many success stories of amazing women!”

Another host, Lorena Peters also said the following about this empowering event,

“Unfortunately, women have had many unfair disadvantages in the past. With the iGenius Women’s Gala, we wanted to show the world that we women need to be louder!

The iGenius opportunity gives us a great platform to show how much potential women have when it comes to creating and building their own businesses.

Filling the room with so many beautiful, independent, powerful, strong, and unique women was absolutely wonderful and an experience we’ll never forget.”

Lorena Peters

At the iGenius Women’s Gala there were also some awesome giveaways and recognition for every single rank. The event was a huge success, and everyone is looking forward to next year’s iGenius women’s event.

“Congratulations to Jamie Lee Jenseleit & Franziska Bär for hosting this amazing event.”

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