Steven K. Scott’s Company “Neumi” Skyrockets In First 12 Months Since Launch

Billion-dollar business builder and best-selling author Steven K. Scott was set to retire and sail off into the sunset until he came across a scientific breakthrough that changed everything.

Steve’s primary success came through the television infomercial industry, where he co-founded more than a dozen multi-million- dollar companies in various industries.

His Total-Gym infomercial campaign has been on the air continuously for more than 26 years, achieving billions of dollars in sales.

The cornerstone of Scott’s success has been the ability to find and bring to market, products that are TRUE breakthroughs. He defines a breakthrough as a product that is more efficient, effective, or economical than any competitive product in the marketplace.

If a product meets Steve’s breakthrough criteria, he goes after it with a passion, knowing its extraordinary potential.


After leaving his last company in 2017, Steve, planned to retire and finish several new books for his publishers, Random House and Harper Collins.

But the universe had another idea. He found chat he called the biggest breakthrough of his lifetime, and he invested millions to pursue this breakthrough.

It was a novel nano-technology that dramatically increases the bioavailability and cellular utilization of one of life’s most important molecules, glutathione.

This new, groundbreaking process for nano-sizing particles delivers results within minutes, rather than weeks or months. Steve originally had plans to take the resulting products to market via television distribution, as he had so many other times.

Then, when the pandemic hit, everything changed. A number of his close friends and business leaders (Steve calls them all family) pleaded with him to take his breakthrough to market through the direct selling industry; so that’s what he did.

In July 2021, Steve launched Neumi, a company that has taken the direct selling space by storm. Neumi has exploded over the course of the past 12 months and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Since January 2022, they have startlingly doubled month-over-month growth, and although this type of explosion is essentially unheard of, they have also been able to keep up with the unprecedented demand this explosive growth has created for Neumi’s products.

Steve believes this is a testament to the functionality and effectiveness of the products, stating that people can’t stop talking about those things in their lives that they experience and passionately believe in.

Watch Steven K Scott Webinar Explaining the Breakthrough Here

It will be interesting to see their continued development, and application of this breakthrough nano-delivery technology in the future, as they are undoubtedly here to stay.

About Neumi

Neumi currently offers two products that utilize their breakthrough HydraStat™ Nano-Delivery System.

HydraStat increases bioavailability and cellular utilization. All manufacturing is performed in Neumi’s manufacturing facility. The first is a nutritional supplement called “NutriSwish” and the second is a premium skin care product, “Neumi Skin.” Both products utilize a glutathione-enhancing base, nano- sizing glutathione, L-cysteine and other co-factor ingredients. Both products are rapidly experiential.

Needless to say, Neumi’s distributors and customers are LOVING both products, and their growth speaks for itself. Their first-year growth reached tens of thousands of consumers in more than twenty countries. For more information please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Neumi, click here for the Neumi overview.

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