Leena Sultan From Saudi Arabia Achieves Crown Rank At iGenius 

Leena Sultan, a twenty-two-year-old from Saudi Arabia, set out on a mission to empower all Arab females in both the financial education sector and in network marketing.

Leena joined network marketing a few months before her twentieth birthday. When she joined iGenius, she was the first female in the system from the Gulf of Saudi Arabia. Within her team, she was the third Arab among forty males.

As a young twenty-year-old female, the financial education industry wasn’t very promising. Leena wanted to encourage all females that they can own their freedom by becoming more financially stable. She said,

“And that’s not all, I had a dream to make a change inside my gulf community with males & females. It was a dream to make a big family out of the strict community. I want everyone to have the freedom to be their true selves.”

When Leena was first introduced to iGenius, she immediately saw the power of the opportunity. She loves that iGenius helps you draw your road to financial stability. She said,

“iGenius was my first, and will be my last home.”

Leena’s first seven months in the industry were full of failures, but then she had a change in mindset and decided to make history in her career. As a result of consistent effort and hard work, Leena became the first female in iGenius history to hit the rank of Crown. She hit this amazing milestone while finishing her last year in her Bachelor of Arts degree. She now has one of the biggest Arab sales teams.

When asked what helped her find success in the business, Leena answered,

“For me it’s three things. 1 – Coachability. My key is to always be a student. 2 – Consistency. I never set my actions on a rank. I have a clear destination and long-term goal. I believe ranks are a result, not a goal. 3 – Creativity. If you want different results, you have to be different.”

Leena was also asked what advice she’d give to someone in the industry. Her answer was,

“When you set a big goal and you work on it 24/7 but don’t see any progress, it’s a sign to look inside yourself and ask what’s holding you back from achieving your dream life. That’s an important part that most people skip, but it’s a very essential part for your future. I always believe, ‘The deeper we heal the higher we flow’ This is an important tip I teach to all my leaders.”

Leena is a very well respected iGenius leader. Her work ethic, commitment, and coachability inspires many. A year from now, Leena sees herself breaking records and achieving the highest achievements by empowering people to achieve their dreams and be financially stable inside her organization.

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