Robin Hesse And Anna Mayr Achieve Crown Rank At iGenius 

Anna Mayr, a 24 year old from South Germany, and Robin Hesse, a 26 year old from Kassel, Germany, are quite the power couple at iGenius. T

They are always up for a challenge and continue to push themselves out of their comfort zone. As a result, they have found tremendous success with their business and recently hit a major milestone of reaching the rank of Crown at iGenius.

Robin and Anna took a big step and moved to Dubai while Anna was three months pregnant. Moving and leaving everything behind made them grow and helped them to think bigger than ever before. They both said they have met some amazing business minded people and have learned so many things about success. They said,

“If you stop caring solely on the numbers in your business, and focus more on the relationships and culture of your team, that is when the real momentum kicks in.” 

The biggest change for Robin and Anna was welcoming their son, Louis, into the world. 

“Having a child changed our entire business 180 degrees for the better! He is our biggest mentor and has taught us so much.”

Robin and Anna listed out a few examples of what their son has taught them, and how he’s influenced their business. 

  • Give without taking. Our son Louis teaches us to be selfless and have no expectations.
  • Be happy and positive. Children bring so much joy into your life and teach you to find joy and be happy without big money and rank ups.
  • Get out of your comfort zone, you can do hard things. Nobody has a smaller comfort zone than a parent.Waking up ten times a night to feed your baby while being sick is something that really teaches you that you can do so much more than you think.
  • We don’t want to make anyone afraid of having kids, but everyone can do so much more than they are doing right now if they get out of their comfort zone and push themselves!
  • Leadership. Raising a child and leading a team is very similar. We want our son to be better than we are and to have more than we have. The same goes with our team.

We want to see them win. To raise a child you have to be a caring and loving person who will give them wings to fly and always believe in them. You need to help them feel secure, and also tell them when they did something wrong or where they could improve. Again, the same goes with our team. We try really hard to lead by example for our son and for our entire team!

Robin and Anna have had great success with building a worldwide team. When asked how they build teams from all over the world, Anna said,

“We create strong relationships with people who share our values. It’s a system that works for us. We are really close with many of our front line leaders and we teach those leaders to do the same. We have an inner circle to share ideas with, discuss what is working, figure out what is not working, and continually find ways to improve”

Anna and Robin want to express their appreciation and love for their team, their leaders, and their friends who have all shared a role in making their dreams and success possible. They wholeheartedly believe that all the amazing people are what makes their team so special. 

Anna and Robin are truly a powerhouse couple. They are amazing parents and are well respected leaders and mentors in the iGenius community. With their leadership, selflessness, and will to continue to learn and grow, they have found tremendous success and are one of only a handful of people to achieve the rank of Crown at iGenius.

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