Aryan Bermeki From Syria Achieves Presidential Ambassador Rank At iGenius 

Aryan Bermeki is a Kurdish distributor from Syria, currently living in Norway.

While living in Syria, Aryan worked as a volunteer journalist with the Free Press and Unlimited journalist groups. Unable to finish his education in English literature because of the war, Aryan had to flee to Turkey with his family. They left Syria leaving behind their house, work and ambitions.

After fleeing to Turkey, Aryan was jobless for nearly 6 months. He lost his ambition, drive, and was falling into a pretty dark place. He said,

“I had lost the connection with all my peers because of depression; However, I did not give up on my dreams of being free, independent, and leading my own business.” 

Aryan knew that in order to follow his dreams he had to make a change, so he decided to move his family to Europe. They settled in Norway which also came with its own hardships. Aryan struggled financially and psychologically before completing his studies in nursing and political science.

Aryan worked in many different fields so he could provide and care for his wife and daughter. Unfortunately, his efforts were still falling short and he was unable to pay off his debts or live the lifestyle he had always dreamed of for both him and his family.

He kept looking for better opportunities, then one day he received an accidental message from Shojaa Nassif on Facebook about a company called iGenius. This message changed everything.

Aryan was very interested in this new endeavor. He went through all of the iGenius products in depth and kept wanting to know more. He said,

“I was pretty sure that this company was unmatched in opportunities because of the strong education system and marketing system.

Within the first six months I was able to learn how to trade, I started to invest some personal funds, and I even built a strong network.  iGenius opened the door for me to meet new people who helped me clear my vision and change my mentality toward my future.”

Aryan devoted his time and effort into sharing the iGenius opportunity with others, and he recently hit the rank of Presidential Ambassador. Aryan is a great example of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. His attributes and work ethic have made him a well-respected leader in the field.

When asked what advice he would give to his peers, he said,

“Give yourself the opportunities to try new things. It’s better to fail a few times than it is to stay behind others who are in their comfort zone. It’s also important to align with people who will help you become a better person.”

Aryan lives by his favorite quote,

“Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivations.” 

Aryan now has a goal to help 100 individuals create more financial stability in the year of 2023. He closed his interview by saying,

“What motivated me the most to stay in this company was the opportunities that it provided to people who had big dreams in improving their livelihood and achieving their goals. I’m determined to share this opportunity with as many people as I can.” 

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