Miguel Vees Raposo Achieves Crown Rank At iGenius

Miguel Vees Raposo grew up in a single parent household. His mom worked three jobs to provide for both him and his sister. While watching his mom struggle to make ends meet, he quickly understood the importance of money.

Miguel Vees Raposo is a twenty-six-year-old currently residing in Dubai, UAE. He was born in Namibia, Africa, then moved to Germany when he was only five years old.

After his high school graduation, Miguel started studying law. He also joined the network marketing industry in order to make extra income to support his family and pay his tuition fees for his university studies. After three months, Miguel dropped out of law school because his networking business started taking off, so he decided to put all his efforts into growing his business.

After gaining a great deal of experience in the industry, Miguel was introduced to iGenius by Brian McMullen. After meeting with Brian and iGenius Sr. Director of Sales, Christian Crabtree, Miguel decided to make iGenius his new home. Miguel said,

“I joined iGenius because their words match their actions. I am beyond blessed and honored to be able to build a sustainable team with the right morals and ethics at iGenius.”

Recently, Miguel hit a huge milestone in his career, hitting the rank of Crown, a very honorable and prestigious rank.

“Dedication, hard work, and putting my community TPR®️ above everything else made this achievement possible. A big goal of mine has always been to conquer something big.

The network marketing industry still allows you to do that today. Together, with my community TPR®️ and iGenius, I will help lead the largest trading community worldwide – a true trading people revolution.”

Miguel was given one piece of advice that changed his life tremendously; information can change your situation. Miguel has grasped this advice and is chasing after his next goal of creating the largest trading network team in terms of people and impact.

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