Tino Taupe And Felix Alfen Achieve Crown Rank At iGenius

According to an iGenius press release:

31-year-old Tino Taupe of Austria and 32-year-old Felix Alfen of Germany started in the network marketing industry 10 years ago because they both had a burning desire to create real freedom for themselves and their loved ones.

Both started in product-based companies and had tremendous success. They built teams of over 50,000 people; however, it wasn’t the money that motivated them.

As top leaders, they always cared more about their team’s making money than themselves. That desire led to the decision to look for a company with a competitive compensation plan and a simple duplicatable model.

Tino and Felix joined what is now iGenius at the beginning of 2017. When asked about the journey, Felix said,

“Since the day we started we never looked back. We stayed the course through the toughest times and stood loyal when most people left. We never had any doubt and that is the number one reason for the big momentum and great success the team has had then and now.

We are truly thankful and blessed to be working with our leaders, our incredible team, and especially iGenius.

We’ve been on this road together for almost 6 years and have seen so many people’s lives changed for the better. We’ve seen people create for themselves a more stable and secure financial future with the iGenius platform.”

Tino and Felix have a vision to make iGenius a billion-dollar company in the next 10 years. They’ve proven that they are willing to do whatever it takes to remain among the top leaders in the company and are working toward becoming top industry leaders as well.

Most importantly, Tino and Felix want to create as many top earners in their organizations as possible within the next 5 years. When asked what led to their success, Tino said,

“We’ve been in the network marketing industry for almost 10 years. As we look back and reflect on this crazy ride with countless ups and downs, we couldn’t be happier with where we are at today. Our biggest weakness led to our biggest strength.

We are both very hard headed and maybe even a little stubborn. We are just not good at giving up. So, we always stayed the course when others quit. We dealt with the challenges and kept going.” 

When asked what tips they would have for others striving for success in business, they said,

“Stay consistent, and don’t work emotionally. Think long term. Give yourself 3-5 years. Take the right actions that your upline teaches you.

Find your inspiration or why you want to succeed so you can do it for the game, not the audience. And most importantly, create a passion for educating and helping others rise.”

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