Network Marketing Interview With Top Leader Christiaan Peters

Christiaan we see a lot of good things of you lately happening, but can you briefly tell us something about your background ?

I am born and raised in the hospitality industry, later decided to go a different path and became an architect and real estate developer. Done that for 20+ years owning and running 2 traditional businesses, working 80 – 90 hours per week standard.

At one day in 2008 I was reflecting on my life and came to the conclusion that I have done great things and accomplished a lot, but did not want to do this another 5, 10 or 15 years. So I started searching for what else I could do, that is how I stumbled on and got into the Network Marketing Industry.

How did your career in Network Marketing go till now ?

You know what they say “Every master was once a disaster”. Well a disaster I was for sure ! About the master part others have to decide. But any way my first 3 years where a disaster, no customers, no team, no income.

The reason mainly was because I was not teachable. I did what I was used to do in architecture and real estate and obviously that is not going to work, so I needed to change. Than in 2011 we had the financial crisis and that hit me too.

I was almost bankrupt and had to make hard choices. I choose to finally be teachable and went back to my mentor and asked for help. After agreeing with his terms (mainly not to waste his time). I worked 1 year part-time with him and after 1 year I was earning part-time around as much as I did with my 2 companies full-time. And this is a “sweet spot”, because I gives you options to choose. Let’s be real, most people never get to that point in their whole life.

Board of Directors Healy World

We see you in social media always with a cap, t-shirt or jacket with “NGB4Y” on it. What is this ?

NG4Y stands for NextGenBiz4You – the next generation of business for you. I believe that Network Marketing is the only real alternative to a job currently. NGB4Y is our community. where like minded people help each other to upgrade their lifestyle with better health (with our products) and more time, financial & emotional freedom, stability & security (with our business opportunity).

By that adding life to their years and years to their life. I believe that the real value is in the community. So anybody who joins our team, can be part of NGB4Y if they want. We provide them training, tools, social media features and fun.

Georg Doeller – Christiaan Peters – Carsten Lange

How long are you active with Healy World and what was your reason to start there ?

I have been with Healy since the day they started in 2019. I got invited to look at it and I have to be honest I did not understand anything about the product “wearable frequency therapy”. But that is not a problem because I did not now a whole lot to about “nutritional supplements” from the companies I worked with the previous 11 years.

What I did understand dough is that this product was one of a kind, not available in the whole industry , a German company (Deutsche Gründlichkeit) and I saw the intention to do it right. I or we don’t work alone we operate global as a team lead by

  • Georg Doeller – Austria
  • Gerry van Zantvoort – Netherlands
  • Marcin Baumgart  – Poland
  • Besnik Bleta – Germany
  • Bernd Hava – Austria
  • Marina Marinchenko – Ukraine

That makes us strong and unique. Because to best of my knowledge I don’t know another team with 8 to 12 top leader that hold and work together like we do. So collectively we decided to take this challenge to make HEALY known to the world.

What is your goal or ambition for 2023 and beyond ?

My main markets are India and the US, so obviously we are going to invest a lot in those markets. We just had an amazing “Manifest your Dreams” in Bali – Indonesia where my around 40 Top Leaders from India were about 1/3 of the room. We had some amazing vision from the company and did some high level leadership training in a beautiful environment. India is getting in momentum and will erupt in 2023, so huge opportunity there.

The US is another story. We started strong in 2020 as we launched there did $12 million in the first month and build a huge organization. But due circumstances it also collapsed again, still the US is one of our main markets, but the potential is bigger than what we do right now. But as the saying goes “You can loose a battle and still win the war”. So we are going to rebuild the US.

On top of this the focus in 2023 will be on Canada, Mexico and Romania. Here goes the same any leader open to something exciting and new ? Talk with us, see if can match our frequencies.

Team India

Is there anything in closing you would like to say or add to the Business for Home community ?

I think we leave to much potential untapped because we focus to much on the product instead of the people. Therefore to many make their life and this business and industry way more difficult than it has to or should be. I believe Network Marketing is a “people business” not a “product business” !

The essence of Network Marketing build an as large as you can group of people, doing simple tasks every day. However most people got it backwards. They do (very) difficult things with a small group of people because they think they need to explain the product or their comp plan in detail etc. So those who are able to turn this around quick and in a big way will be the new top earners in this industry.

About Healy World GmbH

Healy World was founded in 2019 by Marcus Schmieke and Christian Halper with the goal of empowering all people to lead a holistically healthy life. The focus is on frequency, exercise and nutrition.

The start-up company Healy World benefits from more than 13 years of experience with frequency applications from the TimeWaver group of companies and the cooperation with doctors, scientists and engineers. The wearable is sold through independent distribution partners, so-called Independent Healy World Members.

In the European Union Healy is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders.

The Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs of the Healy are not medical applications. They are not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease, have not been reviewed by a notified body and are not part of a conformity assessment procedure under the MDD/MDR. For more information on Healy World please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Healy World, click here for the Healy World overview.

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