Direct Sales Industry Veteran, Ronda Hartman Joins QuiAri

Ever since the birth of Network Marketing, the desire for time and money freedom has attracted millions of people to this industry. In 2023, that attraction is stronger than ever, especially for working parents.

According to a Pew Research study, 54% of working parents are finding it increasingly difficult to try and balance work and family.  QuiAri Rock Star Promoter, Ronda Hartman knows all about the struggle. She left her career in Customer Service for a full-time Direct Sales Opportunity over 21 years ago so she could devote more time to her children. She describes it as “life-changing.” 

“I was a busy Mom working well over 40 hours a week in the Customer Service Industry. At the time, my 3 daughters were very young, so every single day of the week was busy – homework, activities, sports, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. My husband was fantastic and helped as much as he could, but he also worked.

We’d just rush from one thing to another – leaving little time for fun or quality time. I was raised by a busy single Mom, and I understand the impact that it had on me. I wanted to be more present with my kids.  Network Marketing seemed like the best option to make that happen.

Within 3 months of joining, I had matched my old income – all while working from home. I never missed a school play or parent-teacher conference after that. I have zero regrets about leaving my office job. My life just keeps getting better and better. 

A dear friend of mine introduced me to QuiAri, and I’m so happy she did. I’ve wanted to take my business to the next level for a long time. QuiAri showed me the way and put me on the path to creating real generational wealth for my family. I’m excited about my future and the future of this company,” stated QuiAri Rock Star,

Ronda Hartman.

After 21 years in the industry, Ronda found QuiAri’s progressive mindset and impeccable service to be refreshing and inspiring. The company kept surprising her at every turn. 

“I learned right away to raise my expectations. QuiAri consistently over-delivered in every aspect of the business.  I certainly did not expect to receive commissions earned 5 minutes after the sale – and that goes for my Teams around the world in different time zones.

5-Minute Pay is an incredibly rewarding concept that keeps my Teams engaged – not just with their own business, but with the businesses of everyone else on their Team.  Helping people on your Team win directly benefits you.

When someone on your Team gets paid in 5 minutes, it helps you get one step closer to your dream lifestyle. QuiAri has designed a system that is so simple and duplicatable that anyone can do it.

Plus, all materials are translated into multiple languages. I can grow my Team worldwide, and people have the opportunity to change their life the minute they join. It doesn’t matter if they are an industry veteran or brand new to MLM,”

said Ronda Hartman.

Ronda said that she knew QuiAri was a home run opportunity after trying samples of the Products. She said it was “love at first taste.”

“Shakes are so difficult to get right. The consistency was never correct, or the taste was flat. I always wanted the benefits but drinking them felt like a chore. When I tried my first QuiAri Shake sample, it was pure joy. 

Finally, someone had gotten it right! The chocolate and vanilla shakes were smooth and delicious, and I could feel them working.

The Energy tablets were powerful, delivering clean, long-lasting energy that feels amazing – no jitters or crashes. My husband and I both take the products before our day begins. We make it part of our little daily routine,”

said Ronda Hartman.

Ronda said that great products and an even better Compensation Plan made the decision to join QuiAri easy. However, she also loved that QuiAri’s mission closely aligns with her personal values.

“QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina was already successful before starting QuiAri. The company’s mission is to help others improve their health and reach their dream lifestyle along the way.

That’s my mission as well. There are 7 different ways to earn in QuiAri’s Compensation Plan and no complicated instructions on how to build your team.

I’ve been at QuiAri only a short time and have already impacted many lives in a positive way. QuiAri’s Executive Team has over 350 years of combined MLM experience, which makes me believe that my success and the success of my Team could not have happened by accident. It’s by design,”

said Ronda Hartman.

QuiAri is preparing for a new product to be released soon. It’s an Anti-Aging Gel Supplement featuring Maqui Berry, MaquiX®, and YouthX Blend, (S.O.D. Resveratrol, and Pterostilbene, plus 5 other power-packed superfruits). Ronda is excited about growing her business and being able to dedicate more time to philanthropic efforts.  

“The new QuiAri Prime Anti-Aging Gel hasn’t been released yet, but we have seen the new video shot by an Emmy Award Winning Team. It looks amazing – my husband and I can’t wait to try it! QuiAri’s momentum is rising quickly – every 5 minutes – but once Prime is released, our businesses are expected to really explode,”

said Ronda Hartman.

Success can’t come fast enough for Ronda, as she has big dreams for the future. 

“I’ve been helping people even before I was successful in Direct Sales. My family and I go on philanthropic trips to Africa to help feed and provide care to hundreds of children. Every time we go, it never seems like we’re there long enough.

My dream is to earn enough money through QuiAri to make more frequent, longer trips so we can help more people. QuiAri is undeniably the vehicle for change, and everyone knows it. 

Imagine the change we, as a company, could make to this world simply by introducing QuiAri to people that have the desire to live healthier and earn extra income,”

stated Ronda Hartman.

Ronda said that her life has improved since joining QuiAri and is grateful to have found her new forever home. 

“QuiAri provides proprietary products, amazing resources, and the leadership to help us succeed.

There is nothing more you could possibly ask for! Thank you, Bob Reina, and everyone at QuiAri for giving us this incredible opportunity,”

said Ronda Hartman.

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