Nicolas Volume Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At iGenius 

At only fifteen years old, Nicolas Volume signed a professional soccer contract and had a very bright future ahead of him. But in the blink of an eye, his athletic career and dreams came crashing down due to career ending injuries.

Nicolas Volume is a thirty-one-year-old originally from Cuneo, Italy. After his athletic career came to an abrupt end, he had a very difficult year. He constantly asked himself what his purpose was in life while reliving his past.

In 2017 Nicolas was craving a life with new goals and new perspectives. He was introduced to network marketing and immediately jumped on the new opportunity. He said,

“I love network marketing because you can help so many people and it makes me feel useful. It helped me set new goals and helped me see my long-term vision, ultimately giving me a new purpose in life.” 

Nicolas was introduced to iGenius and chose to join the iGenius community right away. He said,

“I chose to join iGenius for three particular reasons:

1) The leadership is incredible and they are willing to work hard every day.

2) The company has many experienced leaders who are humble and always available to help.

3) I believe this company is set to become one of the best companies worldwide to help people find financial freedom.

He continued:

“iGenius is also different from every other company I have been a part of. They have great transparency and proximity to their distributors. They set clear visions and I appreciate their ethics.

They follow through and always keep their word, and with their compensation plan you can create momentum and receive a residual income for all of your hard work.”

With incredible teammates, hard work, and consistency, Nicolas has had a very successful career with iGenius. He recently hit the rank of Diamond Ambassador and is now a well-respected leader and role model in the field. He believes his success has come from three pillars: books, incredible business partners, and honest relationships with his team leaders.

When asked what advice he’d give to his peers and those starting their career in network marketing, he said,

“Never give up. When you feel it is difficult to build a successful life, remember that a mediocre life is difficult too, it’s up to you to choose your difficult. Always be humble and respect the business. If you use people to build your business you lose. If you use your business to build people, you win.”

Nicolas’ next goal is to continue ranking up with iGenius and to help build thousands of success stories along with his well-respected business partners Klaudio, Gabriele and Valerio. His long-term vision and goal is to help build orphanages and schools throughout the world and to help as many people as possible gain more stability.

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