Darleen Raabe From Germany Achieves Presidential Ambassador Rank At iGenius 

Darleen Raabe, a twenty-five-year-old from Germany, changed her life two and a half years ago when she joined iGenius.

Before entering the network marketing world, Darleen worked as a pediatric nurse in a hospital. Despite the negative sides to her profession, she always loved helping other people and found a lot of joy and fulfillment in her career.

Darleen was introduced to iGenius via a message on Instagram. Because of her love for traveling, her self-determination, and the desire to organize her day freely, she quickly became very interested in the iGenius opportunity.

Darleen said,

“With iGenius all doors are open. Everyone can find their personal passion here. You learn how to move your life forward holistically and I found that so interesting. Since I joined iGenius I have gained so many wonderful experiences and have developed myself tremendously.” 

Darleen has had a lot of success with iGenius. She recently achieved the rank of Presidential Ambassador and is a very well-respected leader in the field. Darleen believes that her success has stemmed from focusing on her team more than herself. One of Darleen’s guiding principles is “Team always comes first”.

Darleen has four tips she believes set people up for success. 1) Stay hungry. 2) Be the best student. 3) Stay close to your mentors. 4) Your team always comes first.

Darleen said,

“It’s crucial to stay hungry and always strive to learn more. Find good mentors who will help develop you. I love working closely with my mentors and always try to learn as much from them as possible and try to follow their path.” 

Darleen’s next goal is to create multiple six figure earners, and help her team reach their goals with iGenius. While focusing on her team, she’s also working towards the ambitious rank of Crown.

“I am so thankful for iGenius. This company has changed my life completely in the most positive way I could ever imagine. I think what really makes iGenius special and different from all other companies are the values ​​that the people represent here. For me, iGenius is one of the most loyal, honest and people-oriented companies I know and I am grateful to be a part of it all,”

says Darleen Raabe.

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