Giacomina Karras Achieves Presidential Ambassador Rank At iGenius 

Giacomina Karras is a twenty-three-year-old from Germany. Growing up Giacomina never felt like the “normal” life was for her. She skipped school frequently which resulted in a lot of problems.

One day Giacomina decided to change her habits because she wanted to make her mom proud. Giacomina’s mom immigrated from Poland to Germany when she was sixteen-years-old. Her mom was an extremely hard worker and did everything for Giacomina to provide her with a good life. Because of that, it’s been Giacomina’s goal to give back to her mom.

Giacomina tried several different jobs, but nothing felt like a good fit. She was always searching for something more. Giacomina was introduced to iGenius through one of her coworkers at a shoe store. When she first heard about iGenius she was extremely skeptical. She watched her mentor for an entire year, and questioned everything before she decided to make the plunge and try it out for herself.

Giacomina said,

“I just thought that if I don’t try, I will never know. Because I was unhappy with my situation, there was no other option. iGenius was the only business that was affordable for me at that time.”

Four months into her iGenius journey, Giacomina was able to quit both of her jobs. Before iGenius, Giacomina didn’t have any experience with network marketing or the financial markets. With a lot of hard work and dedication, she quickly changed her life around and felt like she finally found her niche.

Giacomina has had a lot of success with iGenius, and she credits that to her mindset, hard work, and dedication. Giacomina recently achieved the rank of Presidential Ambassador and is a very well-respected leader in the field. She said,

“iGenius is an amazing company to be a part of. The corporate team, tools, transparency, and possibilities have helped me create a new path in life. Knowing that you can be the person that changes other people’s lives gives me so much gratification, and I am so thankful for that. 

The moment I realized what was possible with iGenius is the moment I decided to become the hardest worker in the room. I fully committed and made this business my top priority.”  

Giacomina is following her own advice to never stop working. She is currently working towards her next goals – focusing on her team, creating multiple six figure earners, and hitting the rank of crown.

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