Jamie-Lee Henseleit Achieves Presidential Ambassador Rank At iGenius

Jamie-Lee Henseleit, a twenty-three-year-old from Germany has always wanted to set herself up for success. Growing up her family never had a lot of money. Her parents worked hard to support Jamie-Lee and her siblings, but they never had much left over. 

Jamie-Lee always thought the way to become successful was to study, so she started studying business administration with the hopes to climb the career ladder.

Before her studies, she traveled around the world and longed for that sense of freedom again. When the Coronavirus spread, Jamie-Lee had no job, accumulated debt, and was unable to pay off her bills. 

Jamie-Lee was then introduced to iGenius. She decided to quit her studies to focus on building her business. She said,

“Since quitting my studies I’ve never looked back. The industry fascinates me because it’s possible for everyone to become successful through hard work. 

iGenius is the best company out there because of their transparency.

They educate people with the right expectations, and the corporate team always does their best to improve their platform so we can help more and more people change their lives for the better.”

Jamie-Lee has had a lot of success with iGenius. She recently achieved the rank of Presidential Ambassador and is a very well-respected leader in the field. She believes that leadership is truly caring about the people you are building your business with. She said,

“Invest in your team and you will see them grow. Always put your team first. Develop yourself as a leader and never find yourself in the position of a manager.” 

Jamie-Lee believes it’s really important to understand your “why” when building a business. She thinks it’s important to ask yourself these simple questions: 1) What is your intention with starting your business? 2) Why are you here? 3) What are your expectations? 4) What price are you willing to pay?

Jamie-Lee’s next goals in her career are to focus on her team, build multiple six figure earners, and achieve the rank of Crown. 

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