Michael Firth Achieves Crown Rank At Neumi

Neumi’s Aligned Leadership Sets a Solid Standard for the Future of the Industry

Meet Michael Firth, one of the Founding Field Advisory Board members at Neumi. With a career background that includes many years in the mortgage industry, it was his passion for reform that truly ignited his purpose.

In 2007, whilst Michael was National Sales Coach for one of the largest mortgage aggregation organisations in Australia, the company observed unethical behavior being rewarded and overlooked in the industry. So they initiated internal reforms and higher training standards which triggered a ripple effect of improvements across the entire Australian mortgage industry. Later, when a new wellness technology centered around Glutathione launched in Australia, Michael saw an opportunity to find a way out of the rat race and strive to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Quickly rising as a leader in that company, Michael was dismayed to encounter familiar patterns of egos, greed, and dishonesty at the highest levels, even within the executive team. Consequently, he knew he could no longer align with that organization with unfortunate circumstances forcing him to walk away.

It was at this critical juncture that Michael found hope for a transformation within the industry itself. Neumi presented a beacon of possibility.

Alongside Founding Field Advisory Board members Alex Monterrosa and Rhonda Dasher, they locked arms with founder Steven K Scott in 2021 to help establish a truly field driven organization based on family values.

Realizing the potential of their highly demonstrable product within the network marketing model, Steve and his team believed that with the right combination of people, products, and platforms, something extraordinary could be created. The vision was to establish a company where field and corporate leadership would work in seamless harmony, fostering open communication and collaboration.

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These cultural values led to the appointment of Aaron Rennert as Neumi’s President and CEO, with his many years of industry experience working with another global network marketing company. Thus, Neumi emerged as the ideal place for Michael to bring his passion and purpose to life, in the quest for positive change within the industry.

“Personally, I have a strong belief that if this industry doesn’t reform now from within, through good companies such as Neumi, we will all be at the mercy of governing bodies to do so.” stated Michael.

The story of Neumi’s inception doesn’t stop there. Founded by Steven K Scott, a renowned entrepreneur with a history of marketing breakthrough products, the company’s mission was clear – to bring cutting-edge wellness technology to the world while raising the bar in the industry.  Throughout his illustrious and successful career, Steven had generated billions of dollars in revenue, however, it was the discovery of what he called “the biggest breakthrough of his entire life” that brought him out of retirement and led to the birth of Neumi.

The company’s products garnered immediate praise and testimonials, driving organic growth that reached nearly 100,000 members across 65 countries in just 24 months.

Without the use of advanced recruitment tactics, Neumi’s success was fueled by the genuine enthusiasm of its members and a compensation plan able to more generously reward its field due to the low cost of manufacturing their products in house.

For Michael, Neumi was more than just a company, it became a legacy.

“In under 12 months, he was the first to achieve the highest rank of Crown, a testament to the like-minded tribe attracted to the company and the support and teamwork of his upline mentor and fellow Crown, Alex Monterrosa,” said Aaron Rennert.

As the home-based business industry witnesses Neumi’s meteoric rise, it also bears witness to a transformation of ideals. Neumi exemplifies how growth and breakthrough products can go hand in hand with industry reform and exceptional training standards.

About Neumi

Neumi currently offers two products that utilize their breakthrough HydraStat™ Nano-Delivery System.

HydraStat increases bioavailability and cellular utilization. All manufacturing is performed in Neumi’s manufacturing facility. The first is a nutritional supplement called “NutriSwish” and the second is a premium skin care product, “Neumi Skin.” Both products utilize a glutathione-enhancing base, nano- sizing glutathione, L-cysteine and other co-factor ingredients. Both products are rapidly experiential.

Needless to say, Neumi’s distributors and customers are LOVING both products, and their growth speaks for itself. Their first-year growth reached tens of thousands of consumers in more than twenty countries. For more information please visit Neumi.com

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