Dennis Wolf Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At iGenius

Dennis Wolf is a thirty-three-year-old from Heidelberg, Germany. Prior to his network marketing career, he worked full time in sales. In 2018 Dennis started exploring the product network. 

Dennis attended an event and was very skeptical. During one of the presentation’s given by a successful six figure earner, Dennis had an epiphany. He said,

“I thought to myself, if only 10% of what he says is true, then I’ll be there.”

Dennis was introduced to iGenius and was fascinated very quickly. He loved the idea that with iGenius you can become a part of something really big, and there are many ways you can get involved.

He also thought the digital products were a perfect fit for him. He liked how iGenius was positioned and saw a lot of room for growth in their future.

Dennis said,

“I was so intrigued with iGenius and wanted to join immediately because I loved that iGenius members can really learn how to handle money. \

Not only can they learn good money management practices, but they can also learn how to earn money by using various tools and platforms inside the iGenius ecosystem.

Additionally, the compensation plan is one of the best ones I’ve seen in the industry.”

Because of Dennis’s discipline, endurance, and determination, he recently hit the rank of Diamond Ambassador. Dennis is now a very well-respected leader in the field. What makes Dennis a great mentor is his honesty and authenticity. He said,

“In the beginning I had a huge ego and a very small paycheck. It was only after about 6 months that I looked for a mentor and started social media at the same time.

Then success came relatively quickly. 

To become successful, it’s important to surround yourself with successful and supportive people. Reduce your ego, find the right mentor, don’t compare yourself with others, and never give up.”

Dennis is very grateful that he found a good mentor and has always had the support of his wife and family. His next goals are to help more people gain additional streams of income so they can quit their nine to five jobs, to build a stronger international team, and to hit the next rank at iGenius. 

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