Minh And Julie Ho Achieve Crown Purple Diamond at QuiAri

One of the many things QuiAri Promoters love about the company is its simplicity. QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, and Kristie Reina have set up Promoters for success with a Compensation Plan that everyone can understand. Getting to the top ranks is accomplished by working hard, following the step-by-step instructions in the Purple Diamond Guide, and putting the needs of their Promoters and Customers first.

Those who have taken Bob and Kristie’s words to heart have seen their businesses grow. For some Promoters, like Minh and Julie Ho from Las Vegas, Nevada, their businesses have absolutely skyrocketed, providing them with the kind of time and money freedom that everyone dreams about. As new Crown Purple Diamond Promoters, Minh and Julie’s lives are experiencing life at its highest level.

“We can tell you QuiAri and Bob Reina have 100% changed our lives. Over 30 years ago, when we first joined the MLM Industry, we were at the very bottom – bankrupt, deep in debt, and uncertain of our future.

The MLM Industry helped us rise to the top quickly, but since then we’ve had our ups and downs just like everyone else. It wasn’t until we joined QuiAri that things have consistently been up. Achieving Crown Purple Diamond was a dream of ours.

We’ve helped change a lot of lives with QuiAri’s miraculous, breakthrough products and 5-Minute Pay. We did it by listening to Bob and Kristie Reina, following the Purple Diamond Guide, and putting in the hard work to make it happen.

Other companies will promise you the dream lifestyle, but QuiAri helps you actually get there,” stated QuiAri Crown Purple Diamond Promoters,

Minh and Julie Ho.

Minh and Julie plan to use their success to help their Team rise through the ranks. Having time and money freedom allows them to travel throughout the world to help their international teams grow. Julie noted that you don’t need to have money to make money at QuiAri, which is why she believes QuiAri is the best opportunity for those who have big dreams, but not an opportunity to make them happen.

“Getting started is easy. Your self-replicating website, Mobile App, Portal, and phone and email support are all free and translated into 10 different languages.

All you need to get Active and Qualified to start building your Team and earn industry-first 5-Minute Pay is to Personally Sponsor 2 people – one on your Left and one on your Right.

It doesn’t matter if you are industry veterans, like Minh and I, or an MLM rookie, the system is easy to understand and even easier to teach others,”

said Julie Ho.

Minh added that being teachable was important to their success at QuiAri, and that there are many opportunities to learn from some of the most successful Leaders in the MLM industry.

“QuiAri’s Founder & CEO, Bob Reina is an innovation leader and icon in the Direct Sales industry. 

Julie and I have had the pleasure of knowing him for decades now, and in addition to being a great businessman, he is an amazing teacher.

I’ve encouraged every Promoter on my Team to attend QuiAri’s weekly Live Events hosted by Bob and Kristie Reina.

His advice and insights into the industry have helped me gain the mindset of a true global Leader,”

said Minh Ho.

QuiAri has positioned itself as the Leader among fellow Leaders. Bob Reina has an Executive Team stacked with top-tier talent. The Executive Team has an impressive combined 500+ years of MLM experience and a massive global market that includes over 100 countries worldwide. QuiAri famously has the fastest-paying Compensation Plan (5-Minute Pay) and one of the highest-paying in MLM history.

“Many people on our Team are climbing the ranks quickly.

QuiAri is a company in Momentum, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Our products are proprietary, meaning we are the only company with products featuring both Maqui, the new #1 superfruit, and MaquiX®, which increases the antioxidant power of Maqui up to 10 times.

Plus, Dr. Juan Hancke, the #1 Maqui Berry Scientist in the world is QuiAri’s Scientific Advisor. If you’re looking for a company with an impressive number of resources, this is it. Even the technology behind 5-Minute Pay is proprietary.

QuiAri has its own in-house I.T. Team that can do it all. It helps QuiAri move faster and more efficiently, even in international markets. No other company has anything like it,”

said Minh and Julie Ho.

Minh and Julie are “1000% sure” QuiAri is their forever home, and they expect their success to only grow over time. They plan on giving back to their community soon, as well as the communities of their largest markets QuiAri serves. As avid animal lovers, Minh and Julie have previously donated to organizations that help animals, specifically dogs, cats, and small animals.

“We have several dogs at home that we adore. We couldn’t imagine what life would be like without them.

Not long ago we had the opportunity to purchase a new surgery center for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida. Our contribution has helped save the lives of countless dogs and cats.

It feels pretty great to earn 5-Minute Pay, but it’s nothing compared to saving lives. Thanks to QuiAri, we have the opportunity to help more charitable organizations and have the financial capacity to make a larger impact,”

said Minh and Julie Ho.

Bob and Kristie Reina have known Minh and Julie for decades, and are thrilled to see them enjoying life as Crown Purple Diamond Promoters.

“Minh and Julie are incredible leaders and love helping others. We have always shared that common goal.

Kristie and I were happy when they joined QuiAri and now I’m even more excited to see them reach Crown Purple Diamond.

It is a big accomplishment, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. Also, we have plenty of room at the top for others to join Minh and Julie. As you can see, it’s not an impossible goal.

We have many Promoters that already line our top ranks and plan to join Minh and Julie at the very top,”

stated QuiAri & Founder & CEO, Bob Reina.

To learn more about QuiAri, their products, and the opportunity to become a Promoter or Customer, visit https://quiari.com/en, or follow them on social media @QuiAriOfficial.

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