Lucas Stephanus And Sheila Alifa Achieve Diamond Rank At QuiAri

Before joining the Network Marketing Industry, QuiAri Diamond Promoters Lucas Stephanus and Sheila Alifa from Jakarta, Indonesia were very far from living their dream lifestyle. Lucas worked for a state-owned oil company. He was working 12-hour days sometimes from the comfort of an office.

Other times he was assigned to an offshore rig, working for 2 months straight in the middle of the sea. Both Lucas and Sheila are happy they were introduced to the Direct Sales Industry, and QuiAri. They recently reached the high rank of Diamond and are on their way to the top rank of Crown Purple Diamond.

“Network Marketing was a better opportunity than working for the oil company, but joining QuiAri has been life-changing. QuiAri is the new #1 in over 100 countries worldwide, but it is still very new in Indonesia.

We feel like pioneers. People are just discovering QuiAri’s breakthrough products and one-of-a-kind 5-Minute Pay Business Opportunity. Our business took off like a rocket, and it’s not only because of Indonesia.

New Promoters and Customers are joining from all over the globe, and we love it when we can help change their lives in the way Network Marketing changed ours. Our New Year’s resolution is to help 100 people reach their dream lifestyle in 2024.

QuiAri’s momentum is strong, and we only know it’s going to get stronger as time goes by. I can’t wait to see where our business is at by this time next year,”

said QuiAri Diamond Promoters, Lucas Stephanus and Sheila Alifa.

QuiAri is well-positioned to be the global anti-aging leader in 2024. Their 3 breakthrough, proprietary products, QuiAri Shake, QuiAri Energy, and QuiAri Prime contain the #1 anti-aging, antioxidant, superfruit, Maqui. Demand for anti-aging products hit their peak levels in 2023 with the global market estimated to be worth around $64 billion (U.S.) dollars and recent projections showing $122 billion (U.S.) dollars by 2032.

The antioxidants in Maqui promote and support ‘symptoms of aging,” such as wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration of your skin. Studies have reported that daily consumption of Maqui results in younger-looking, healthier skin. Both Lucas and Sheila have experienced the anti-aging benefits as well as many other benefits, making Maqui and MaquiX®, QuiAri’s proprietary, organic Maqui Berry extract, the best all-in-one nutritional product:

“I’ve been drinking protein shakes for the last 10 years, and they all give me stomach aches and give me acne. QuiAri is the only exception. I love the taste – like birthday cake for the vanilla and malt for the chocolate – and it helps me get through my day.

When I can’t decide which flavor I want, I’ll mix the two together. QuiAri Energy has been giving me that extra boost in the gym. My performance has improved, and I no longer have to worry about a mid-workout energy crash.

Sheila and I both love Prime. Our skin looks and feels better than ever, and I’m sleeping more soundly at night. I wake up feeling refreshed and wide awake in the mornings with all-day natural energy,”

Before joining QuiAri, Lucas and Sheila were familiar with its Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, and his extraordinary 35+ year career in Network Marketing as well as Bob’s Executive Team with over 500 years of combined MLM experience.

“QuiAri has the most innovative leadership in all of MLM. Bob Reina was the first to introduce Maqui to the global market, he is the first in the world to pay Promoters commissions in 5 minutes or less worldwide, and the first to launch a Direct Sales company in over 100 countries worldwide on its very first day of business.

People here in Indonesia are enthusiastic about QuiAri and the opportunity to earn extra income in just 5 minutes or less. One thing I think everyone appreciates is the clear direction on how to achieve our dreams.

The Purple Diamond Guide is one of the most brilliant and most important resources in our Portal. It can teach anyone how to grow their business and become a top leader – and it works! It helped us reach the high rank of Diamond. We’re just getting started. The potential for us to grow our business here in Indonesia and worldwide is huge,”

said Lucas Stephanus and Sheila Alifa.

The more Lucas and Shelia learned about QuiAri, the more they agreed it was their forever home. They said QuiAri’s commitment to quality and innovation has gone above and beyond anything they have seen at other companies:

“You can tell the difference between a good company and a great company based on the quality of the products. For example, QuiAri uses High-Pressure Processing (HPP) for QuiAri Prime.

It is a groundbreaking process that preserves the maximum nutrient content, taste, and texture without the need for excessive heat or harsh preservatives. By applying extreme pressure to the Prime Gel, the cell membranes of any harmful bacteria are crushed and rendered completely harmless.

It’s a revolutionary process that uses only cold water. Like many people, we’ve enjoyed the taste of our Prime Gel without even realizing how much work goes into making QuiAri products perfect. We discovered it is a common thread throughout the company.

There is a tremendous amount of thought and care that goes into everything QuiAri produces. Whether it’s products or a new, free resource for Promoters, Bob and the Executive Team strive for perfection. It’s what makes QuiAri the new #1,”

QuiAri has also been praised by industry leaders for their generosity. All resources are provided to Promoters for free, and they have 7 different ways to earn money with most paying out within 5 minutes.

“Rank Advancement Bonuses are popular among Promoters on our Team because you don’t have to be a top Leader to earn them. They begin at the rank of Rising Star and increase in value as you advance – up to $30,000 USD.

QuiAri gives you the freedom to earn extra income at your own pace. We have seen hard-working, full-time Promoters climb 2 to 3 ranks not long after joining.

Plus, you have the opportunity to reach the top rank in the Compensation Plan by Personally Sponsoring only 2 Promoters.

At other companies, you are required to Personally Sponsor multiple people. QuiAri’s system is simple, which is another reason why it is so successful,”

said Lucas and Sheila.

The future for QuiAri is brighter than ever, and Lucas and Sheila have an ambitious 5-year plan:

“Global expansion is a top priority for QuiAri, and for us as well.  We have set a personal goal to create one of the strongest Teams in all of QuiAri.

We want to have Promoters in a minimum of 50 cities and at least 10 different countries. Our dream is to help the hardest-working, most passionate QuiAri Promoters on our Team become leaders and reach their health and financial goals.

It’s a new year and QuiAri’s Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, is more driven than ever to take QuiAri to the next level. We’re fired up and ready to help him get there,”

To learn more about QuiAri, their products, and the opportunity to become a Promoter or Customer, visit, or follow them on social media @QuiAriOfficial.

About QuiAri

Welcome to the new #1, QuiAri. Our mission is built around the basic principle of helping people live their best lives. Through our nutritious, breakthrough products featuring the new #1 antioxidant superfruit, Maqui Berry, and one-of-a-kind business opportunity with industry-first 5-Minute Pay (commissions paid within 5 minutes globally), we have created a global phenomenon that spans over 100 countries and counting.

Led by industry icon and Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, and an Executive Team with a combined 500+ years of MLM experience, QuiAri has the fastest-paying and one of the highest-paying Compensation Plans in the industry. Their three delicious, life-changing products with proprietary ingredients, QuiAri Shake, QuiAri Energy, and QuiAri Prime, help people look and feel younger, healthier, and full of energy. Come see why people are rushing to join the most innovative and one of the fastest-growing companies in all of Network Marketing. Visit to learn more.

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