Mamoun Sheikh Al Ard Achieves Presidential Ambassador Rank at iGenius

Mamoun Sheikh Al Ard is a twenty-four-year-old from Syria. Five years ago, Mamoun was studying biomedical engineering at the German Jordanian University while he was also working at a local movie theater.

During that time, one of his friends on social media introduced him to the network marketing industry. 

Mamoun was intrigued with the industry, joined his first company, but soon after realized the company he was with was not real.

Though his first experience was not ideal, he knew that networking marketing would be a good fit for him. After two years of searching for a new company to call home, Mamoun was introduced to iGenius. He said,

“When I was looking into network marketing companies, I was looking for a place where I could build a large network, see endless continuity, and a company who had a broad vision for the future.

At the same time, I wanted a place that could help me gain a sense of freedom for myself and my team. That’s exactly what I found with iGenius.”

Mamoun has now been with iGenius for three years, and he hasn’t looked back. Since joining, Mamoun has fully immersed himself with the iGenius opportunities. He said,

“I was able to find in this company a family that supported me in my career and helped me achieve my goals and the goals of my team.

This great place, without any exaggeration, was able to bring out the best version of myself.

I really enjoy working with iGenius, and I can say that I feel very grateful to be a part of this place.”

With his dedication, commitment, and focus on his team’s needs, Mamoun has become a very well-known and respected leader in the field. He has always tried to take care of his team by making sure they enjoy their work, find pride in both their work and achievements, and remember their “why”. 

Mamoun recently achieved the admirable rank of Presidential Ambassador. He believes that caring was his key in leading a successful team and helping his teammates achieve their goals. He also tells his team that commitment and continuity are the secrets to his success. He said,

“If we look at these two qualities, commitment and continuity, we will find that they represent self-discipline.

Possessing one of these two qualities without the other will always delay your results.

Make sure to possess these two qualities together, as this will always make you appear distinguished and will create in everyone the desire to work with you as well.”

Mamoun also believes it’s important to write down your goals, imagine them coming into existence, and to tell everyone about them.

Mamoun’s next goal in 2024 is to share the iGenius opportunity with at least ten different communities, to help fifty new people around the world gain more financial freedom and independence, and to achieve the next rank at iGenius. 

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