Steve and Gina Merritt Receive Prestigious Richard Quick Award from LifeWave

David Schmidt, LifeWave CEO, Owner and inventor of X39 becomes very emotional as he awards Steve and Gina Merritt  the most prestigious award in LifeWave, the Richard Quick Award.

The Merritt’s, after only being involved in the company for 15 months hit another huge milestone, this one to do with the character of Steve and Gina Merritt which highlights the many accomplishments in their Network Marketing Career.

Richard Quick, was a 6-time United States Olympic Swim Coach and 17-time NCAA Champion. He worked with David Schmidt at LifeWave very early on. Richard was an extraordinary individual and monumental in introducing LifeWave’s technology to both collegiate and pro athletes.

Richard would tell you, “In order to achieve success especially at an Olympic level you must have integrity and implement the proper habits that are required on a daily basis.”   


Selected by the Top LifeWave Field Leadership in collaboration with the LifeWave Corporate Senior Leadership Team and Executives, this prestigious award is based on collective contribution, overall collaboration, support, and elements of Servant Leadership including:

Listening, Integrity, and Respect. Achievers of this prestigious award should be at the highest positions in LifeWave and an Elite Incentive Earner.

“The Richard Quick Award is a very serious and prestigious award.

We only give this to the person our individuals that represent LifeWave on a pinnacle level with the utmost of integrity on both a professional and personal level.

So please give a warm welcome to this year’s Richard Quick Award recipients, Steve and Gina Merritt,”

said David Schmidt, CEO, Founder of LifeWave.

“This couple always goes above and beyond the call of duty. They are always sacrificing and there when we need them. Congratulations Steve and Gina Merritt,”

said Meridith Berkich, President of LifeWave.

“We are so blessed and honored to receive one of the most prestigious awards in Network Marketing. We truly love this industry and understand that being of good character is the most important asset needed to achieve long-term success in Network Marketing,”

Says Steve.

“After praying and researching for over a year for the right company, right product, right ownership, and God’s favor, we are so blessed to have found all four which is why we are experienced such miraculous growth,”

Gina explains.

One of the biggest reasons that drove Steve and Gina to enroll in LifeWave just 17 months ago, was in realizing the X39 was not a Me Too product or the same as all the other companies have.

The X39 was recently patented, its exclusive, and more importantly no other network, or company has this phototherapy technology. Successful network marketers understand the power behind a product-based network, but it’s hard to find a company that has a product as unique as what the Merritt’s have their hands on with X39.

“We had to have a big vision in regard to where we could go as LifeWave was not even on the radar just 17 months ago when we started.

Now LifeWave is ranked #2 on momentum ranks at Business for Home and believe me, we are just getting started!”

says Steve.

“The testimonies from X39 are life changing and so emotional. The stories are what sell, and they are growing our business faster than we have ever experienced in our network marketing career. We are at the beginning stages of something that is going to be huge,”

says Gina.

Since the Merritt’s, enrolled in LifeWave, the United States has become the number one country in the company. That really tells you the influence this couple has in the network marketing industry. LifeWave is currently open in 75 countries and expanding.

Every international leader around the globe watches to see what companies are experiencing major momentum in America. Once these leaders realize what the Merritt’s and their organization have with the X39 technology, expect this company to explode around the World.

The Merritt’s have a proven track record and system for success that’s helped create over 23 people on their team to achieve the highest rank. Steve and Gina are confident LifeWave will become one of the next billion dollars companies. They are serious about partnering up with the right leaders that are praying and searching for an exceptional product and opportunity that will change not only their own lives but also the lives of people they love and care about. 

About LifeWave
Since LifeWave received its Patent for the X39 technology July 2020, the company has experienced explosive growth. LifeWave grew 120% over the last year which is a remarkable accomplishment. All this excitement has captured the attention of many Network Marketing leaders around the world which has rocketed LifeWave up the Business For Home Momentum Ranks.  

The technology behind the X39 is very sophisticated, yet the average person can understand and explain how it works. David Schmidt, the owner of LifeWave and inventor of X39 has over 130 patents to his name. He has performed many case studies on LifeWave’s X39 patch technology. To research X39 case studies, doctor reviews, patents, and testimonies go to

Get more information, facts and figures about LifeWave, click here for the LifeWave overview.

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