Karen Justice Said NO To Neumi However Reached The Top Of The Compensation Plan

“When opportunity knocked, I said NO.”

Karen Justice stated:

My friend Larry had excitedly reached out about a relatively new company called Neumi but when he mentioned network marketing, I felt like doing an eye roll and face plant. I thought I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than join another multi-level company.

I’m a cartoonist and author of several books on referral marketing that I’ve dedicated to people who aren’t sales types— making marketing less manipulative and more authentic for them. I underline humor in life’s drama because a smile is the shortest distance between people and a little laughter is always uplifting. Humor opens hearts so I’ve also created funny greeting cards for the marketing arena.

I’ve been a lead distributor and at the top of compensation plans. I’ve also received numerous awards for my efforts. So if this was all true, how come I was now feeling completely burnt out?

The answer was my heart had been broken too many times. I’d met too many junkies and sharks plus dishonest owners with hidden agendas who extinguished hope. I had what I now jokingly call Network Marketing PTSD.

Luckily for me my friend Larry didn’t accept NO. He asked

“If I send you a 2 ½ minute video would you watch it?”

Of course, I had to say yes and the rest is history. Five and a half Months later I was a Crown Diamond and at the top of Neumi’s compensation plan. I’m grateful he didn’t take no for an answer every day.

Neumi is the greatest company I’ve ever worked with. It’s given me my Joy back and restored my faith in the industry. As I reached out to associates and helped team members rank up, I discovered something— there are a lot of leaders out there who like myself have a form of networking PTSD.

About Neumi

Neumi currently offers two products that utilize their breakthrough HydraStat™ Nano-Delivery System.

HydraStat increases bioavailability and cellular utilization. All manufacturing is performed in Neumi’s manufacturing facility. The first is a nutritional supplement called “NutriSwish” and the second is a premium skin care product, “Neumi Skin.” Both products utilize a glutathione-enhancing base, nano- sizing glutathione, L-cysteine and other co-factor ingredients. Both products are rapidly experiential.

Needless to say, Neumi’s distributors and customers are LOVING both products, and their growth speaks for itself. Their first-year growth reached tens of thousands of consumers in more than twenty countries. For more information please visit Neumi.com

Get more information, facts and figures about Neumi, click here for the Neumi overview.

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