JIFU Hosts First European Conference In Berlin

Unveils Innovative Products and Acknowledges Top Affiliates

JIFU, a leader in the travel and lifestyle industry, has successfully concluded its highly-anticipated Revolution Conference at the prestigious Estrel Hall in Berlin.

Attracting over 2,000 affiliates from across the globe, the three-day event served as a pivotal moment for the company.

The conference witnessed the unveiling of several groundbreaking initiatives aimed at reshaping the landscape of travel and lifestyle.

A noteworthy highlight was the official pre-launch of WAV, an energy drink boasting a distinctive blend of natural ingredients designed to offer a revitalizing experience for those on the move.

In addition, JIFU introduced JIFU Connect, an innovative education app strategically crafted to empower affiliates with essential knowledge and tools requisite for navigating the dynamic marketplace. Through interactive modules and resources, JIFU Connect uses interactive tools and resources to help users get more knowledge on several topics, ensuring they can keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Attendees were also introduced to a revolutionary travel app poised to redefine the travel experience. Harnessing advanced technology and intuitive features, the app promises unparalleled convenience and customization, promising to streamline the travel process.

The conference also was the stage for honoring the exceptional achievements of top affiliates. Announcing the company’s new rank advancements during the event, JIFU celebrated individuals who demonstrated exemplary dedication and leadership within the JIFU community, contributing significantly to its growth and success.

Brad Boyle, CEO of JIFU, expressed enthusiasm, stating,

“We are delighted to have hosted a successful conference in Berlin, providing a platform to connect with our esteemed affiliates and introduce them to our latest innovations. The launch of WAV, JIFU Connect, and our new travel app underscores our commitment to empowering individuals and transforming global travel experiences. Heartfelt congratulations to all our affiliates for their remarkable achievements.”

The Berlin conference exemplified JIFU’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and collaborative growth. With a forward-thinking approach, JIFU continues to redefine industry standards, setting the stage for global empowerment.

About JIFU

JIFU was created to support a concept called Life Lifted. Our lives are lifted when we experience other cultures through travel, when we improve ourselves through education, and when we choose to live a healthier lifestyle.

We believe all people should live richer, more productive lives, and JIFU makes this a reality by providing exclusive access to travel savings, education, health and beauty products, and a compensation plan that is unmatched in the industry. Learn more at www.jifu.com.

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