Sendija Baika Achieves Presidential Ambassador Rank at iGenius

Sendija Baika is a thirty-year-old from Latvia. Sendija was born and raised in Eastern Europe and she always had big dreams to do something extraordinary with her life.

She graduated with a Business and Marketing degree in Lithuania, and after graduation she moved to the United States where she pursued her corporate career in Chicago. A year and a half later, Sendija realized that she wanted something different. 

Sendija quit her job, moved to Australia, and decided that it was time to discover herself. She wanted to try new things, take risks, and have no regrets. After moving to Australia to pursue her passion for fitness, the COVID-19 Pandemic took over and she was left with nothing.

This setback made her motivated to find what she really wanted in life. In August of 2021, Sendija received a message on instagram about the iGenius opportunity, and that simple message changed everything for her.

Sendija did her research, then she dove all in with the iGenius opportunity. She had high hopes for what this opportunity could mean and she was committed.

She said,

“With iGenius I had the mentorship I needed from the very beginning. I saw that when you worked hard, you could be successful working from anywhere, and that was my goal. I also was very intrigued with the cryptocurrency education and opportunities.

I also saw that iGenius had a very high level of mentorship and great leaders.

The company was very transparent and I liked the direction they were heading in. I knew that financial literacy was something that many people were lacking and needed in their life, just like I did in the beginning despite all of my prior education.” 

Sendija started building her iGenius team in Australia, and with her hard work and consistency her team began to expand into many different countries. Her laser focus and dedication to show up every day to create results has really paid off. Now, she has more than 1,000 active members on her team and she has achieved the well-respected rank of Presidential Ambassador. 

“iGenius has truly been life changing. I have learned new skills, how money truly works, and I have learned how to put my money to work for me. These are things I had never been taught before in my previous twenty-seven years of life. I love that iGenius gives others the belief in themselves that they can do it too!”

Sendija’s advice to the field is to dream bigger, bolder and faster. She believes it’s important to be a person who leads with the right ethics and morals, has a big heart, truly cares about your team and their success, and to remember that this is a “people” business. 

Sendija believes in consistency and having massive action each day. With her mindset of putting in more effort than the average person, she is motivated to build her business to the next level. Her next goal is to hold a large iGenius convention in Australia.

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