Joey Michals And Kortnei Lynn Achieve Highest Rank In LifeWave

Joey Michals, and Kortnei Lynn, achieve the highest rank, Senior Presidential Directors in LifeWave. This amazing couple is not only taking LifeWave by storm, they have a touching love story behind their remarkable success.

Joey, a seasoned networker but has never seen the success he and Kortnei are experiencing in LifeWave with the X39 Device. Joey chose LifeWave because he was interested in a company that was not another me too (same old products, weight loss, skin care, supplements, powders, energy drinks) company. He and Kortnei are convinced that X39 device is the best product/technology ever introduced in the Network Marketing Industry.

Joey and Kortnei are so grateful to be teamed up with their sponsors Keston and Br0oke Robinson.They lead by example and have stood beside Joey and Kortnei since day one. The real miracle happened once Joey realized they would be teaming up with, Network Marketing Legends, Steve and Gina Merritt. They understood, when the Merritt’s get serious about something, this LifeWave opportunity was going to be Big. Huge, and Oh My Gosh they were right.

“We are also so appreciative of Steve and Gina Merritt who are always On Fire and have been incredibly helpful. Their belief in us is a big reason for our rapid success through the ranks. Plugging into the THIS IS IT Team System,  and culture has absolutely been the difference maker”

says Joey.

Kortnei came into LifeWave with no Network Marketing experience. She had always been aligned with holistic wellness. Kortnei was experiencing several health issues going on with her at the time she was introduced to the X39 technology. She was eager to learn more. Kortnei had a life changing testimony within 8 weeks of getting started on X39 as a Brand Partner in Joey’s organization. They met in the business, and it was love at first sight. They are both so grateful to have met through LifeWave and have now created a successful life together because of X39.

Joey Michals & Kortnei Lynn

The journey to Senior Presidential Director, Highest Rank was arduous but certainly worth it. At first the testimonies Joey and Kortnei received personally as well as with friends was emotional. Now everyone is in tears by how much money they are all making weekly because of X39 and the LifeWave opportunity.

“In order to achieve massive success in Network Marketing you must have a product that works so good it literally lights up the compensation plan. That’s what we have with this uniquely patented X39 device. That is exactly why we were able to achieve the top rank in LifeWave in half the time it took in previous companies”

says Joey.

“With the explosive growth we are experiencing in LifeWave there is no doubt it will be the next billion-dollar company in Network Marketing. Leaders from around the world are joining us now especially after LifeWave’s recent #1 momentum ranking in the industry per Business For Home.”

explains Kortnei.

LifeWave has become the obvious choice for anyone looking to improve their life physically and financially. The leadership training being taught by THIS IS IT Team, combined with the powerful testimonies being experienced from the X39 device has got LifeWave breaking sales records almost monthly. Leaders are seeing this is happening and now joining the company more rapidly from the over 80 international markets currently open in LifeWave.

About LifeWave

Since LifeWave received its Patent for the X39 technology July 2020, the company has experienced explosive growth. LifeWave has grown from $20 million to over $400 million in the last 3 years with the United States being their number one market. LifeWave has recently been reward the #1 momentum Company in Network Marketing per Business For Home.  All this excitement has captured the attention of many Network Marketing leaders around the world.

The technology behind the X39 is very sophisticated, yet the average person can easily understand how it works. David Schmidt the owner of LifeWave and inventor of X39 has been doing stem cell research since 2008 and whether the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields could have beneficial effects. David has over 130 Patents and has performed many case studies on LifeWave’s X39 patch technology. To research X39 case studies, doctor reviews, patents, and testimonies go to

Get more information, facts and figures about LifeWave, click here for the LifeWave overview.

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