THREE International Celebrates Remarkable Global Expansion and Success in First Year

THREE International, a trailblazing direct selling Triple AAA+ rated company specializing in bioavailable wellness supplements, proudly announced its extraordinary growth and achievements on its one-year anniversary.

THREE has navigated global challenges and, with the help of dedicated Brand Ambassadors, has successfully built a seamless global platform, marking its presence in diverse international markets. 

Unprecedented Expansion:

THREE has rapidly expanded its reach, captivating consumers worldwide with its premium supplements. Over the past year, the company hosted four major global events in North America and Hong Kong, attracting thousands of attendees.  

Additionally, THREE rewarded its top leaders from around the globe with a Caribbean Cruise and an exclusive trip to Bali, reflecting its commitment to recognizing and celebrating exceptional leadership. 

Global Operations:

To support its global ambitions, THREE opened new headquarters in the heart of the bustling Silicon Slopes of Lehi, Utah, and an Asia Pacific office right off the coast in Hong Kong. These strategic locations enable the company to manage its international operations effectively and foster closer connections with its growing global community.  

Scientific Excellence:

THREE has built a formidable Scientific Advisory Board, led by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Dan Gubler. This team has been essential in validating the efficacy and safety of the company’s products. All six products are listed in the Physicians Digital Reference (PDR), and the company has conducted multiple clinical studies, underscoring its commitment to scientific excellence and product credibility. 

Power of Brand Ambassadors:

The driving force behind the success of THREE is its dedicated network of Brand Ambassadors. These passionate advocates have significantly contributed to product awareness, customer engagement, and sales growth. The supportive community empowers Brand Ambassadors to thrive and succeed in their roles, creating a vibrant and dedicated network. 

Continuing Momentum:

THREE remains committed to sustaining its global momentum and driving further growth. With exciting initiatives and expansion plans on the horizon, the company is poised to solidify its position as a leader in the global wellness market. Prospective Brand Ambassadors and consumers are invited to join and be part of its continued success story. 

THREE’s remarkable growth over the past year showcases its resilience, innovation, and community spirit. The company extends its gratitude to its dedicated team, Brand Ambassadors, and supportive community for their invaluable contributions to its success. 

About THREE™

THREE™ has redefined the science of supplementation with cutting-edge cellular absorption technology, ensuring that our products are efficient, effective, and unbeatably bioavailable. Behind our world-leading, advanced delivery products is our scientific community, a team of leaders, led by Dr. Dan Gubler, from across the medical field.

Our mission is twofold: improve quality of life through holistic health education and to inform the development of world-leading advanced delivery products. THREE™ is a movement led by Daniel Picou, Founder & CEO, that is changing lives around the world by delivering healthy options to PEOPLE, greater PURPOSE through our caring community, and a dynamic PLATFORM for entrepreneurship. Please follow THREE™ on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok.

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