Andy and Mandy Hosier Achieve Highest Rank in LifeWave

Andy Hosier, and Mandy Hosier, achieved Senior Presidential Director at LifeWave in record time of only 7 months after deciding that This Is It! They have 23 years of experience in network marketing and have a track record of success because they know how to build leaders.

They were looking for the right company that had an incredible product, great culture of people, a sensible pay plan, and they found that with LifeWave. 

The X39 wearable device is the best product the hosiers have experienced in Network Marketing. The technology is exclusive, the people involved around the world are amazing, and the pay plan is extraordinary.

“Our team is rapidly rocketing through the ranks Faster than we have ever experienced in our Networking career. LifeWave pays us tremendously well to help others win and that’s what we love about this industry,”

says Andy. 

Andy studied leadership in college, is a master communicator, and has a gift of making something complicated simple to the average person. He teaches, trains, and mentors’ people with passion every day. Mandy is also a great communicator and loves to help people get success by pulling the greatness out of them.

They both understand that this industry can help the average person or family do & make an extraordinary life. They have two beautiful children that are pursing athletic careers in college and believe that they will soon be building a business alongside them. 

Once the Hosier’s realized they would be working together with Network Marketing Legends, Steve and Gina Merritt, they knew they were on to something very exciting.

“The system that Steve & Gina Merritt, have developed is a proven successful plug & play system. The THIS IS IT System, has helped take LifeWave from nowhere on the radar to the #1 Momentum Company in the industry per Business for Home,”

says Mandy. 

Average people like Andy & Mandy are winning within LifeWave because this system works if you work it.

“We talk to people daily, show them the plan, get them on the patch, and duplicate that with others that want to win. Systems are duplicatable but people aren’t, therefore we can teach & train the system to anyone and help them have success if they put in the work,”

explains Andy.

Freedom is their goal for everyone that joins their team. They want to see people break free from the bonds of poverty, debt, and poor health. For some people that freedom comes from wearing our patches, for others it comes from sharing them, and building a business for themselves. Andy & Mandy match their team mates efforts by providing a great system of support and coaching. 

“What attracts us most to LifeWave is that it’s a 19-year-old start up and not a me-too product,”

says Andy.

Since the launch of X39 the company has seen exceptional growth around the world and we’re just getting started. The first 17 years David Schmidt, inventor & CEO laid an incredible foundation of sound science and business that now almost anyone can benefit from. 

“We are blessed to have been able to find this X39 wearable device and business opportunity when we did. We needed it for both our health and finances badly.

Our teenage kids we’re transitioning to college, our expenses were rising, and our jobs weren’t keeping up with the demands of our economy. LifeWave is now our primary income, and we earn monthly what our previous careers paid us annually,”

says Mandy. 

They are excited for the future because LifeWave has 16 more years of exclusivity with this patented patch technology and there will be so much more for them to offer the marketplace with continued inventions by their founder, David Schmidt. They believe the best is yet to come and LifeWave will soon become a household name.

“European and Asian leaders are seeing the momentum LifeWave is experiencing in America and expecting this to happen internationally very quickly.

For this reason, the time is now to get started with us in LifeWave and the THIS IS IT Team,”

Says Andy.

“Do not procrastinate as the word about the momentum we are experiencing is getting out fast. We have our goals set to help David Schmidt reach over a billion people with this X39 wearable device.”

About LifeWave

Since LifeWave received its Patent for the X39 technology July 2020, the company has experienced explosive growth. LifeWave has grown from $20 million to over $400 million in the last 3 years with the United States being their number one market. LifeWave has recently been reward the #1 momentum Company in Network Marketing per Business For Home All this excitement has captured the attention of many Network Marketing leaders around the world. The technology behind the X39 is very sophisticated, yet the average person can easily understand how it works. 

David Schmidt the owner of LifeWave and inventor of X39 has been doing stem cell research since 2008 and whether the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields could have beneficial effects. David has over 130 Patents and has performed many case studies on LifeWave’s X39 patch technology. To research X39 case studies, doctor reviews, patents, and testimonies go to

Get more information, facts and figures about LifeWave, click here for the LifeWave overview.

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