Healy World Is Paving The Way For Future Success

Healy World, a company based in Germany, is breaking the mold of what it means to be successful with several months of industry-leading events and launches.

Three global events and two industry-changing product launches might seem like a lot for a business to undertake in a year, but Healy World has conquered the feat in a mere two months, demonstrating their pioneering spirit towards holistic health and wellness.

Starting out in April, the community-focused brand kicked off this spring campaign of success in Bonn, Germany for the EMEA Power Summit. From April 27th to the 28th, hundreds of Independent Healy World Members flocked to enjoy VIP dinner, a lineup packed with incredible corporate leaders, members with endless insights to share and the ultimate reveal: a brand-new product line of supplements.

Years in the making, Elements by Healy World® is reshaping dietary supplements in real-time, making it possible for customers to take charge of their own wellness. Elements will provide personalized, effective and convenient solutions to wellbeing needs, starting with the first product in the line: Morning & Night Duo.

This Duo is custom tailored to Healy World’s iconic frequencies for a unique 24-hour wellness journey. With a long list of credentials, the Morning and Night strips will be available to members and customers very soon, Healy World announced for the first time in Bonn. The responses so far have been ecstatic with the community sharing their excitement for Elements over social media.

Healy Mexico

The excitement over Elements continues to skyrocket, especially across the Atlantic after two more major global events in the America’s, beginning with Healy America’s Homecoming celebration in Cancun, where hundreds of attendees gathered for the 3-day event.

Starting with more insightful presentations from Healy World leaders, homecoming featured a vibrant community of passionate individuals all inspired by Healy World and excited to lead and participate in workshops, speeches and networking events. Plus, attendees got a first look at the second major product launch of the year.

The Healy Obsidian Edition was unveiled in May to a thrilled audience. Healy World’s newest product is dedicated to the courageous rebels that have made up its amazing community.

It features the most program groups and modules of any other device released by Healy World so far, all in an ultra-sleek black design. In addition to automatic membership to a VIP Black Diamond Club, The Healy Obsidian Edition promises to stir up user experience for those who get it.

But that wasn’t all Healy had in store for Mexico. The next weekend, a hardworking group of members gathered for Healy World’s first-ever incentive VIP Retreat. For months leading up, Independent Healy World Members had the chance to earn points to be a part of the all-inclusive trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico. Top earners had the chance to rub elbows with major company leaders, including CEO Christian Dorner and Founder, Inventor and Owner Marcus Schmieke.

From life-changing devices and products to show-stopping global events packed with dedicated members that make it all possible, Healy World has had a lot to be excited about this spring, and it has no plans of stopping in the summer.

About Healy World

Healy World is dedicated to empowering individuals through innovative wellness technologies that promote wellbeing, vitality, and balance. Founded with the vision of integrating holistic approaches into everyday life, Healy World harnesses the potential of microcurrent frequencies to enhance wellbeing.

Healy’s flagship product, the Healy device, represents a breakthrough in the field of frequency devices. Portable and easy to use, the Healy Device offers tailored applications to support a wide range of wellness, wellbeing, and holistic health. From promoting physical regeneration to fostering mental clarity and emotional balance, Healy’s diverse programs are designed to optimize your life quality.

Healy World is committed to the highest standards of research and development. Our team of experts in medicine, science, and technology collaborates closely to push the boundaries of what’s possible in personal wellness technologies. With a presence in over 44 countries and a growing global community, Healy World is at the forefront of holistic wellbeing, making it accessible to all.

Get more information, facts and figures about Healy World, click here for the Healy World overview.

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