QuiAri Launches Revolutionary New Marketing & Training Resources

When Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, started QuiAri, he didn’t want it to be just any MLM company. He wanted it to be THE company every Promoter in Network Marketing wanted to join.

Bob has accomplished his goal. Everyone in the industry is talking about QuiAri’s unstoppable momentum as many top industry leaders from around the world have joined and named QuiAri as their MLM forever home.

How did Bob build a global company in over 100 countries on 5 continents so quickly? It wasn’t accomplished by imitating the way other MLM companies operate, but rather through revolutionizing the system and developing innovative, unconventional methods designed specifically for speed and growth.

The entire MLM industry is familiar with QuiAri’s breakthrough products featuring the new #1 anti-aging superfruit, Maqui, and MaquiX® as well as their industry-first and ONLY 5-Minute Pay Opportunity, but it is truly just the tip of the iceberg.

From inventing a simple, duplicatable system that begins with inviting 2 people to reach the top to 7 ways to earn and a culture that rewards collaboration over competition, QuiAri has turned the MLM industry upside-down. It’s a system that puts Promoters and Customers first.

This week, at QuiAri’s global Live Event, Bob and Kristie Reina launched an “MLM Revolution.” Many exciting, life-changing resources were launched to help Promoters grow their business with speed and climb the ranks faster than ever before.

“The MLM Revolution has begun. QuiAri’s momentum is at an all-time high around the world, but we’re really just getting started. Our latest groundbreaking resources are going to change many lives around the world.

We’re about to see businesses explode with growth. On Thursday, we launched new resources translated into 10 languages. These new resources provide Promoters with a faster, more efficient way to share QuiAri and train their Teams how to duplicate their success.

Our new websites and assets contain everything a Promoter needs to be successful – professionally produced marketing and training videos, websites, presentations, and slides all translated into 10 languages.

We have unified QuiAri Promoters worldwide by delivering a clear, consistent, universal message which strengthens the QuiAri brand and will ultimately help us change more lives both financially and physically,”

stated QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina.

As a company built on honesty, integrity, quality, and transparency, QuiAri’s brand new, revolutionary Training Website, QuiAriTraining.com is available to everyone, free of charge, regardless of if they are a QuiAri Promoter.

“Our Products and Opportunity are for anybody and everybody. The purpose of most of the new resources are to educate Promoters about the MLM industry and duplication.

The MLM industry probably thinks we’re crazy for releasing them to everyone, but the truth is we are confident that QuiAri is the best and fastest opportunity in the world for people to reach their dream lifestyle.

I’ve said it before – our competition isn’t other companies. It’s ourselves. We focus on Innovation, Speed, and Duplication.”

said QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina.

Bob said that these new resources join existing breakthrough resources available to Promoters in their free Portal. All are professionally produced and translated into 10 languages.

GetPaidIn5.com & New Sizzle Video

Who doesn’t want to look and feel younger and get paid in 5 minutes? QuiAri Promoters have a new resource to help explain QuiAri to Prospects – GetPaidIn5.com. Each Promoter has their own free self-replicating GetPaidIn5.com website.

Once a prospect visits GetPaidIn5.com, the Prospect can view a short, inspiring, informational sizzle video. It is perfect for Everyone, whether their initial interest is in the product, business opportunity or both. If the Prospect decides to join, they can do so from the website and are automatically added to the referring Promoter’s Team.


Bob Reina identified a common problem in MLM – training. It’s time-consuming, complicated, and nearly impossible for 1 person to perfectly explain MLM and duplication to a Prospect. The solution: QuiAriTraining.com.

QuiAriTraining.com is a revolutionary new resource that helps train you and your Team so everyone can get off to a fast start. Promoters or Prospects can access QuiAriTraining.com free 24/7, 365 days a year.

Promoters or Prospects visiting QuiAriTraining.com can learn:

  • How to understand MLM
  • Why MLM is the absolute best value in business
  • The Number 1 Rule in MLM
  • How Simple MLM really is
  • What Separates Top Earners from everyone else
  • The 4 Steps to Success
  • The Power of 2

New Opportunity Presentation Video (available on GetPaidIn5.com)

How fast can Promoters learn everything they need to know about QuiAri? In just about 12 minutes. A brief professionally produced and translated Opportunity Video contains information about the history of Maqui, an introduction to QuiAri Products and benefits, and a walkthrough of the 7 ways to earn with QuiAri’s 5-Minute Pay Compensation Plan. QuiAri Promoters can share it with family, friends, or anyone interested in learning more about QuiAri 24/7/365. 

New Opportunity Presentation Slides

Perfect for in-person presentations for home, hotels, or large groups, QuiAri Opportunity Presentation Slides have all of the information you’ll find in the Opportunity Presentation Video and can help you quickly turn Prospects into Promoters on your Team.

New Duplication Nation Playbook

Without duplication, it is impossible for a Promoter to achieve real success, but few companies actually teach their Teams how to do it? QuiAri’s Duplication Nation Playbook is the industry’s first ever step-by-step guide to creating a successful global business. It shows Promoters that, with hard work, reaching your dream lifestyle can become a reality. Duplication Nation also answers the hard-hitting questions new Promoters really want to know. 

  • How to get off to a Fast Start
  • How to recruit 2 people in your first 72 hours (and help your Team do the same)
  • Talk to Prospects with unstoppable confidence
  • How to easily overcome objections
  • How to create a culture of Duplication on your Team
  • How to NEVER run out of Prospects
  • How to rank advance faster than ever
  • How to create massive momentum
  • How to become a Top Earner

Top Reasons Why QuiAri Has The #1 Compensation Plan Video

 QuiAri’s 5-Minute Pay Compensation Plan is the fastest-paying in the industry and also one of the most generous. The “Top Reasons Why QuiAri’s Compensation Plan Is #1” features 15 indisputable facts that show why QuiAri keeps raising the bar in the MLM industry. It covers QuiAri’s generous Team Commission cycles, industry-first 5-Minute Pay, exclusive rank advancement and lifestyle bonuses and more. 

QuiAri Momentum is at an All-Time High

Industry experts say these new resources will only fuel QuiAri’s already massive global success.

“QuiAri is a place where Promoters can feel comfortable making it their MLM forever home.

We have breakthrough products, the most generous, fastest-paying Compensation Plan, a collaborative culture, and extraordinary support.

At QuiAri, we never stop striving for perfection.The MLM revolution has begun, and QuiAri is leading the way,”

stated QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina.

Why QuiAri Is the New #1 In the Industry

  • Timing – Positioned to lead the $500 billion global anti-aging market.
  • Global Infrastructure – 100 + countries with offices and Distribution Centers in 5 Continents
  • Experienced Management Team – over 500 Years of combined MLM experience.
  • Breakthrough anti-aging ingredient – the Maqui Berry
  • Exclusive, proprietary Maqui extract – MaquiX®
  • Dr. Juan Hancke – QuiAri Scientific Advisor and world-renowned anti-aging and Maqui expert
  • Fastest payout in MLM History – Every 5 Minutes

QuiAri Promoters said the new Marketing and Training Resources couldn’t have launched at a better time. Qualification for an incentive trip to Da Nang, Vietnam is ending July 31st. Any QuiAri Promoter who reaches the rank of Rock Star and is on AutoDelivery automatically qualifies. 

“Hundreds of Promoters have already qualified for our Vietnam trip, but with these new resources built specifically for speed, we could see those numbers skyrocket even faster.

We look forward to celebrating recognizing our leaders for their hard work,”

stated QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina.

To learn more about QuiAri, their products, and the opportunity to become a Promoter or Customer, visit https://quiari.com/en, or follow them on social media @QuiAriOfficial.

About QuiAri

Welcome to QuiAri, the new worldwide phenomenon where people are turning back the hands of time with our breakthrough anti-aging products and experiencing life-changing results thanks to our industry-first 5-Minute Pay Opportunity. We have harnessed the power of the mighty Maqui Berry by extracting a special youth molecule, creating a proprietary youth restorative formula (MaquiX®) that has taken the $500 Billion Global Anti-Aging Market by storm. Led by Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, and his world-class Executive Team with a combined 500+ years of MLM experience, QuiAri Shake, Energy, and Prime Gel are available in over 100 countries and are considered to be the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging. From youthful skin to antioxidant support to joint, heart, and immune health and increased energy and weight management, our product is for anybody and everybody. Our Team helps people win through our #1 products and one-of-a-kind opportunity, which is the first and only to pay commissions in just 5 minutes worldwide. Visit QuiAri.com to learn more.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please note the QuiAri business opportunity offers unlimited income potential. However, QuiAri makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with QuiAri results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your income will depend on how well you exercise these qualities.

Income Disclosure Statement

Please note the QuiAri business opportunity offers unlimited income potential. However, QuiAri makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with QuiAri results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your income will depend on how well you exercise these qualities.

Get more information, facts and figures about QuiAri, click here for the QuiAri overview.

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