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Top Leader Jenna Zwagil: "One Person Can Change Your Reality In Network Marketing"

Top Leader Jenna Zwagil: “One Person Can Change Your Reality In Network Marketing”

Jenna Zwagil is currently the Nr.1 female top earner in the industry alongside her husband Josh Zwagil, CEO & Founder of MyDailyChoice. Jenna founded HempWorx and built a massive team as a distributor after it was ...
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Interview With Luis Kasuga General Director Nikken Latin America

Interview With Luis Kasuga General Director Nikken Latin America

Nikken is a worldwide company offering revolutionary products that support a healthy home and lifestyle, through a combination of groundbreaking science and natural solutions. Nikken was founded in Japan in 1975 by Isamu Masuda. In 2009, Nikken ...
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Luana Sicari, CSO, Centurion Coin, Starbit, Interview, Crypto Currency

Interview With Luana Sicari CSO Starbit – The Blockchain Revolution

Starbit International has launched a new revolutionary Blockchain project, which allows ordinary people to access knowledge in the world of Blockchain and crypto currencies, through a theoretical and practical course that also includes an innovative automatic software able ...
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Ramin Mesgarlou, Global Wealth Trade, CEO

Brian Tracy Interviews Forensic Networker Ramin Mesgarlou

  Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Brian's goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster ...
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Chris Terry, CEO, iMarketsLive

Chris Terry – CEO iMarketsLive Interview

  International Markets Live, Inc. (iMarketslive), based out of New York, USA bursted into the Direct Selling industry in 2013, and has nowadays approx. 50,000 members. iMarketsLive provides a full array of retail trading products and services to ...
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Antony Spear, Buyezee, CTO,

Antony Spear Buyezee – CTO Interview

  Buyezee’s SHOP OWNER packages enable individuals and companies alike to tap into the consumer online shopping marketplace by way of a professional, 100% personally owned and branded eCommerce comparison shop. Recently Daniela Claudia Szasz was ...
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Dan Andersson, LEO, CEO

Dan Andersson – CEO LEO Interview

  Learning Enterprises Organisation (LEO) was founded in 2012 by Dan Andersson, CEO and President, and Atif Kamran, Chief Marketing Officer. Since that first meeting in 2012 the company has seen an exponential growth in its ...
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Daniela Claudia Szasz, CEO, BUYEZEE,

Daniela Claudia Szasz – CEO BUYEZEE Interview

  Daniela Claudia Szasz – was recently appointed as CEO BUYEZEE, a search comparison engine with a strong E-Commerce compensation plan. Initially launching in 11 countries worldwide, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, ...
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Ramin Mesgarlou, Global Wealth Trade, CEO

Global Wealth Trade Reaches 150 Countries Milestone

  Global Wealth Trade’s (GWT Corp) success story is the latest and perhaps the most compelling proof that the Direct Selling / Network Marketing strategy is superior to the traditional retail or franchise methods of distribution. ...
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Alvaro Benevidas Fuxion

Interview with Fuxion Biotech CEO

  Peruvian company FuXion Biotech SAC, manufacturers of supplements of Andean and Amazonian heritage fused with the latest scientific advances in cell biology and human nutrition is all set to target the U.S. market. United World sits down with ...
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Gregg Renfrew, CEO, Beautycounter

Gregg Renfrew – CEO Beautycounter Interview

  Gregg Renfrew launched Beautycounter in 2013, a B Corporation that's single-mindedly focused on creating transparency and safety in the personal care industry, through truly innovative skincare and beauty products that set a new health and safety standard. ...
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Sheri McCoy,Avon, CEO, Interview

Sheri McCoy – Avon CEO Interview

  Sheri McCoy was named in April 2012 as the CEO of Avon Products. In 2014, McCoy ranked #27 on Fortune magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women in Business list, which she has been on since 2008 ...
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Andreas Wilfinger Ringana

Interview with Ringana Founder Andreas Wilfinger

  Austrian cosmetics direct selling company Ringana’s founder Andreas Wilfinger was interviewed by German newspaper Kleine Zeitung where he talks about his roots, Facebook, aging and reveals why he has hundreds of creams in his bathroom.  ...
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Martin LeBlanc, iNovaLife

iNovaLife – Management Interview

  iNovaLife is a young and dynamic company whose mission is as noble as innovative. In an effort to improve people’s quality of life here, they have developed a tool completely free, which offers the consumers ...
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Ken Brailsford, Founder, Zija International

Ken Brailsford – Founder Zija International Interview

  Ken Brailsford was the Co-Founder of Nature’s Sunshine Products and Enrich International, and is currently the Founder and CEO of Zija International. He is an icon of business success and wealth, an Entrepreneur of the ...
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Jake Kloberdanz OneHope Wines

Interview with CEO Of ONEHope Wine

  Leaders magazine recently published an Interview with Jake Kloberdanz, CEO and Co-Founder, ONEHOPE Wine, and Katie Allen, National Director, viaONEHOPE. ONEHOPE is a social enterprise that integrates causes into products and services to make a ...
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Gregg Renfrew Beautycounter

Beautycounter Reaches 9,500 Distributors InThe USA

  Serial entrepreneur and founder of cosmetics direct selling company Beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew speaks about being a serial entrepreneur and her passion for developing safe and natural beauty products for women and families. At 19, Renfrew ...
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Lynne Cote CAbi

Interview With Lynne Cote CEO Of CAbi

  Fashion direct selling company CAbi is launching a line for women on e-commerce site Zulily which specializes in flash sales targeted at moms. Zulily published an interview with Lynne Coté, CEO of CAbi where she ...
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Blythe Harris Stella Dot

Stella & Dot’s Blythe Harris Interviewed By E Online

  Created as social-selling company, Stella & Dot has taken off as luxe accessories destination. Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris was interviewed by E Online, on everything from her own go-to necklace to the ...
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Walter Presutti,SVP,Wor(l)d

Wor(l)d Is Preparing For The Big Event In Istanbul In July. Exclusive Interview With Walter Presutti.

  The past year he has made more than 10 times the kilometers of world tour by announcing, often in preview in larger events organized network, WOR(l)D's projects and business. This is the identikit of Walter ...
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Mona Ameli Take Shape for Life

Take Shape For Life’s Mona Ameli Talks About Company’s Goals

  Mona Ameli has spent nearly two decades in the world of direct sales, working for companies in California that market products through networks of independent contractors. She's had management roles in some of the largest ...
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Ahmad Evaji, Nuviza, CEO

Alexander Evaji – CEO Nuviza Interview

  Ahmad Evaji, from New York, USA is the founder and CEO of Nuviza. The company is fast upcoming in the Direct Selling industry, because of the Instant pay plan, a new innovative trend in the ...
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Belynda Lee, Nerium, VP Sales, Cultural Sensitivity

Belynda Lee Fosters Cultural Sensitivity In Her International Role With Nerium

    Before Belynda Lee earned her role as Nerium International’s Regional Vice President of Sales, she quietly wondered what Nerium was doing that so many other direct selling companies had failed to do. Nerium’s stellar ...
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Bill Glynn, Mommy's Club, CEO

Mommy’s Club, A Revolutionary Health and Wellness Company

  Mommy’s Club came to the scene in January, 2014, introducing themselves as a revolutionary health and wellness company. When I asked them about the choice of name and whether it shrunk their demographic reach, the ...
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JR Mayer, Managing Director, QNET

Qnet Review 2013

  QNET Ltd, is a Hong Kong based direct selling company owned by the QI Group. The Company is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, offering a wide range of life-enhancing products through its proprietary e-commerce ...
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Jay Noland, CEO, Serenigy

Jay Noland Is Taking SereniGy To A New Level

  The Founder and CEO of SereniGy, Jay Noland, has the company set to soar to new heights. Founded on a culture of hard work and dedication, SereniGy quickly expanded from its original U.S. and Canadian ...
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Ramin Mesgarlou - The Forensic Networker

Ramin Mesgarlou – The Forensic Networker – Interview MLM Compensation Plans

  Ramin Mesgarlou is author of “The Forensic Networker” and the top rated MLM compensation plan expert in the industry. Ramin is the creator of the Free Flowing Binary Compensation Plan. The Forensic training model takes ...
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United Networker Magazine

United Networker Magazine Interviews Ted Nuyten

  Markus Ruediger Director & Co-Publisher of United Networker Magazine has interviewed Ted Nuyten for the printed November issue. United Networker Magazine: Ted Nuyten is founder and CEO of Established in 2008 and focusing on ...
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Ramin Mesgarlou CEO Global Wealth Trade

Ramin Mesgarlou – CEO Global Wealth Trade Interview

  Ramin Mesgarlou is the founder and CEO of Direct Selling company Global Wealth Trade. (GWT) As CEO of Global Wealth Trade, Ramin teaches the concept of establishing Like & Trust with his luxury consultants and ...
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Jack Fallon Total Life Changes CEO

Jack Fallon – CEO Total Life Changes Interview

  Total Life Changes (TLC) is a privately held, debt-free company founded in 1999 and operated by an experienced group of network marketing veterans. Jack Fallon is CEO and founder. Total Life Changes markets nutritional and ...
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Dallin Larsen CEO MonaVie

Dallin Larsen – CEO MonaVie Interview

  Dallin Larsen is CEO and Founder of MonaVie.  The company was launched in January 2005, is a privately held MLM company and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dallin Larsen graduated from Brigham Young University ...
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Rune Evensen CEO OPN Site Talk

Rune Evensen – CEO OPN Site Talk Interview

  Rune Evensen is CEO and Co-founder of The Opportunity Network – Site Talk (OPN). Rune was born in Haugesund, Norway, has a Bachelor in economy and risk management, is married and 44 years. He lives ...
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Michael Wiedder

Michael Wiedder – CEO Shopping Sherlock Interview

  Michael Wiedder, CEO and founder of Shopping Sherlock was a pioneer on the Internet having founded Online Expo in 1995. He lives in Santa Monica, California, USA and has one daughter Sarah. Michael was at ...
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Randy Schroeder MonaVie

Randy Schroeder – Monavie President Interview

  Randy Schroeder is a 23-year veteran of the direct sales industry, having successfully worked as both a distributor and a corporate executive since 1989. He has earned as independent distributor over $30 million over the ...
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Jonathan Gilliam

Jonathan Gilliam – Social Media MLM Expert Interview

Social Media Expert Jonathan Gilliam Shares Tips and Secrets for Networkers Anyone in this business long enough understands the incredible need for marketing expertise — we are all marketers. Some are more sophisticated than others, especially ...
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Dawn Wright Olivares

Dawn Wright Olivares – ZeekRewards COO Interview

  Dawn Wright Olivares is Chief Operation Officer (COO) at ZeekRewards and Zeekler, a division of Rex Venture Group LLC. The company burst onto the scene in 2011 and has very quickly become a leader in ...
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Kevin Thompson MLM Lawyer

Kevin Thompson – Top MLM Lawyer Interview

  Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing top MLM lawyer, Kevin Thompson. Kevin is married to Sharon Elizabeth Thompson, the couple has 3 children and live in Franklin, Tennessee near Nashville (USA).   I first ...
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Glen Jensen

Glen Jensen – Agel Founder Interview

Glen Jensen is founder of Agel Enterprises and its largest single share holder. He is married to Kathy Fowler, the Jensen family is living in Highland, Utah, USA. Glen and Kathy have 3 daughters Brittany, Kaitlyn ...
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Richard Bliss Brooke

Richard B. Brooke – 21 Ten Interview

Richard B. Brooke is one of the servant leaders in the Direct Selling Industry in the USA and a 35-year veteran of the Network Marketing profession. Richard boasts a successful career as both a full-time Network ...
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