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Top Leader Enes Olgun Joins Jeunesse

March 21, 2017
Enes Olgun, Jeunesse

  Multi Million dollar earner Enes Olgun, from Istanbul, Turkey, has a team of over 65,000+ members which he has build in 9 years and has earned over $5 million, with months close to $200,000. He was voted several times Top Networker of the year. An interview with Enes can be found here. In 2015 […]

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Jed Buenaluz The Youngest 200K Distributor In XANGO’s History

March 18, 2017
Jed Buenaluz,XANGO

  Jed Buenaluz is not only the youngest person to ever reach the 200K Premier rank at XANGO, he is also one of the fastest people to reach this impressive mark in the organization's history. With such drive and success it was only a matter of time before Jed and XANGO would team up for […]

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Vida Divina’s Leah Coleman: “Fear Is Not The Answer”

March 17, 2017
Leah Coleman, Vida Divina

                    Powerhouse industry leader Leah Coleman has grown successfully in the profession of Network Marketing and has a mass following of people that love who she is and what she has done for them. She started as a traveling mom for 18 years. She faced poverty, missed too many important memories, and her heart was […]

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Romacio Fulcher Achieves Double President Millionaire Rank At WOR(l)D Global Network

February 27, 2017
Romacio Fulcher, World Global Network

  After launching his business in November and becoming the fastest US President Millionaire in just 3 weeks, Romacio Fulcher has done it again by becoming the fastest worldwide Double President Millionaire in just over 3 months, making him the #2 earner in North America and landing him with $140,000 per month as #136 on […]

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Vios Nutrition Announces Investment Offering

February 24, 2017
Vios, Joseph Land

  Vios Nutrition, a leading plant-based nutrition Direct Selling company based in Utah, USA, today announced the launch of an investment offering. The success of Víos is marked by the same great milestones in just a short period of time. * Over $720,000 in sales in first 9 months * Sales growth in all 50 […]

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Team Beachbody Terminate Distributors When They Participate In An Other Opportunity

February 24, 2017
Carl Daikeler, CEO, Team Beachbody

  Team Beachbody sales in 2015 topped $780 million with a network of 450,000 distributors. According to the Beachbody website: "As a Team Beachbody Coach, you can begin earning money right away by helping others. The products you'll be offering are proven successes—backed by multimillion dollar ad campaigns—they're brands people already want to buy. You'll […]

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Mike Sims Achieves President Millionaire Rank At WOR(l)D Global Network

February 24, 2017
Mike Sims, World Global Network, Top Earners

  In record-breaking time, Mike Sims becomes WOR(l)D's Newest President Millionaire. Mike Sims states: "Being a student of the industry, I had been watching World Global Network for months, but I wasn't looking to build another network marketing business.  I've been with a company for the last 10 years and still earning significant income and […]

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Igor Alberts And Andreea Cimbala – OneCoin Achieve $1 Million Per Month

February 20, 2017
Igor Alberts, Andrea Cimbala, OneCoin, OneLife, Top Earners

  In May 2016, Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala archieved $450,000 in commission per month. Last month they achieved $1 Million per month. Igor Alberts – born in the Netherlands and his partner Andreea Cimbala have joined OneCoin and the One Dream Team late 2015 and announced Euro 89.000 ($95,000) in monthly income in November […]

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Why Amway Lost $3 Billion In Sales In 3 Year

February 14, 2017
Doug DeVos, Amway, President

  According to Amway’s Business Brochure: "More freedom. More flexibility. An Amway independent business offers you a path filled with possibilities, all on your terms. It’s a low-cost, low-risk way to start your own business regardless of your professional background, life experience, or education. You supply the passion and hard work, we’ll provide the training, […]

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Luis Ventura and Fernanda Vera Launch Unified System With Total Life Changes

February 10, 2017
Total Life Changes, Luis Ventura, Fernanda Vera

  Luis Ventura is a seasoned networker of fifteen years and has already mentored his wife Fernanda to over $500,000 in earnings in ten months. Fernanda has four years of experience in MLM and is well on her way to becoming a top earner in Total Life Changes, already reaching the rank of National Director. […]

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Jeff And Lisa Giammalva – WOR(l)D Global Network Achieve President Rank

February 10, 2017
Jeff And Lisa Giammalva, WORLD Global Network

  Jeff & Lisa Giammalva have been a Power Couple for over 30 years after meeting back in the 80’s running Health Clubs. But as Jeff explains it was Lisa who caught the vision first of network marketing 24 years ago. Jeff was a VP of sales for the largest Health & Fitness Chain and Lisa was […]

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Top Leaders Garrett And Sylvia McGrath Speakers At The European Direct Selling Congress

February 8, 2017
Top Leaders Garrett McGrath, Sylvia McGrath, European Direct Selling Congress

  The McGraths have worked side-by-side since 1999 and together provide unique leadership training, coaching and personal mentoring to network marketing professionals through an original series of international daily live broadcasts, live events, videos, mentorship, tools and training systems. The McGraths have also produced numerous videos, CDs, guidebooks and marketing tools for large network marketing […]

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OneCoin – OneLife Merchant Platform Attracts 5,500+ Businesses

February 8, 2017
Ruja Ignatova, CEO, OneCoin, OneLife

  According to OneCoin – OneLife: DealShaker is an online deals marketplace and advertising service provider with a membership-based customer base. The platform enables business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deal promotions in combination of cash(EUR) and the new-age, mass cryptocurrency – OneCoin. Meanwhile OneCoin – Onelife have signed up 3 million members and the DealShaker platform 5,500+ […]

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The Party Plan – An UnderEstimated Way To Make A Great Living – Arbonne Review

February 7, 2017
Kay Napier Zanotti, CEO, Arbonne

  Direct Selling has basically 2 kinds of compensation plans to make a living possible for a distributor: The Network Marketing compensation plan and the Party Plan. Around a party plan there are myths and mis-understandings: "You can not make much money in a party plan" 'It's for stay at home mums" "It's not sexy […]

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Seville and Rachaell Ko – WOR(l)D Global Network – Achieve President Rank

February 6, 2017
Seville Ko, Rachaell Ko, WORLD Global Network, President Rank

  Seville (30) and Rachaell Ko (26) are born and raised in Kansas City. They recently hit the rank of President in 8 weeks, all while building this part time. A President brings in over $250,000 USD revenue in just a week’s period. Seville has 12 years experience in Health and Wellness with a Masters Degree […]

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Peter Webb – WOR(l)D Global Network Achieves President Rank

February 4, 2017
Peter Webb, World Global Network

  UK & European Network Marketing professional Peter Webb recently partnered with World Global Network and has quickly attained the prestigious rank of President. Peter lives in the UK with his wife Hilary and their two children Millie and Olivia and brings a lot of passion to the Industry having been mentored by some of […]

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Jeremy Roma – WOR(l)D GN’s Achieves President Millionaire Rank

February 2, 2017
Jeremy Roma, WORLD Global Network

  The USA market for WOR(l)D Global Network is experiencing hyper growth and momentum. After just a few months of partnering with WOR(l)D GN, Jeremy Roma quickly shot through the ranks and became President Millionaire. A President Millionaire generates over $1,25 million USD in total sales in 7 days. Jeremy is a professional leader and […]

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Top Trainer Rob Sperry Speaker At The European Direct Selling Congress

February 1, 2017
Rob Sperry, Network Marketing Trainer

  As an ambitious introvert who has overcome his fear of public speaking, Rob Sperry has unique insights to help you to achieve levels of success you never thought possible. He is widely known for his non hype straight forward refreshing style. As a 28 year old Rob Sperry generated over 2 million dollars in […]

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5 Reasons To Start Paying Attention To Network Marketing

February 1, 2017
Nathan Ricks, Nu Skin, Top Leader

  Top Leader Nathan Ricks is a world-renown network marketer, public speaker, and businessman. He has been a leader in network marketing for three decades. His explosive career began in 1989 when he created an independent distributor force of 100,000 people in just 24 short months. Nathan has since become a member of the $20 […]

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Amir Barlas – Award Winning Mentor And LEO Member Interview

January 31, 2017
Amir Barlas, Interview, LEO

  With his impressive dedication and infectious enthusiasm, Amir Barlas has taken the direct selling scene by storm. Joining Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO), a global entrepreneurship training company and direct selling organisation, in May 2016, this hard-working professional has already earnt great admiration. In fact, his achievements seem to know no bounds, as after […]

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