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Top Earner Enes Olgun Speaker At The European Direct Selling Congress

January 11, 2017
Enes olgun, Amsterdam, Netherlands, European Direct Selling Congress

  Enes Olgun, from Istanbul, Turkey, has a team of over 65,000+ members which Enes has build in 7 years. In 2015 –  6,000 people from HIS team attended a generic training with Eric Worre in Istanbul, which was NOT a corporate event. Before his shining career in network marketing he was a student and […]

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Romacio Fulcher – Wor(l)d GN Achieves Fastest USA President Millionaire Rank

December 8, 2016
Romacio Fulcher, World Global Network

  After achieving the rank of Double President his first week at Wor(l)d Global Network (a Double President brings in over $500,000 USD revenue in 1 week), Romacio Fulcher came back 2 weeks later and became the FASTEST person in the US to achieve the rank of President Millionaire and he did it in his third week […]

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MLM Power Sales Launched, New Generic Training Platform For Direct Sales Industry

December 5, 2016
MLM Power Sales

  MLM Power Sales is an affordable online virtual training platform that provides an insider’s track from some of top 6, 7, and 8 figure income earners around the world in the Direct Sales industry: Sue Pollard, John Haremza, Scott Whitney, Bob Bearden, Dallas and Rylee Baldri, Austin Zulauf, Tony Williamson, Kevin Marino, Mardy Eger, […]

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Chanida And Nat Puranaputra – WOR(l)D GN Achieve $5 Million Team Revenue In 7 days

November 29, 2016
Chanida And Nat Puranaputra, WORLD GLOBAL NETWORK

  Chanida and Nat Puranaputra have rapidly ascended the ranks of WOR(l)D Global Network and now they have definitely raised the bar again. Chanida joined WOR(L)D Global Network in March 2016. The company achieved $157 million in sales in 2015. This dynamic couple have achieved the rank of Grand President Millionaire, which generates over $5 […]

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QNET Reward Top Achievers With Blue Carpet Experience

November 21, 2016
Malou Caluza, QNET, COO

  It was a memorable trip for 32 QNET’s Achievers from all over the world at The QNET ManCity Blue Carpet Experience held at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester, England. Curated for the hardworking networkers who also happened to be hardcore fans of QNETCITY, it was an exclusive opportunity to meet and shake hands with their […]

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Romacio Fulcher Achieves Success With Wor(l)d Global Network

November 19, 2016
Romacio Fulcher, World Global Network

  From becoming a self-made millionaire in mortgage and real estate at the age of 25 to now making millions in network marketing, success follows Romacio Fulcher. About 10 years ago Romacio caught the vision of network marketing and hasn’t looked back. He has risen to the top ranks of every company, but none as […]

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How To Answer The: “Is this Network Marketing, Is this MLM?” Objection

November 18, 2016
Alex Morton

  Top leader and multi million dollar earner Alex Morton has written an awesome response on this objection. Alex: "OF COURSE IT'S NETWORK MARKETING, IF IT WASN'T I WOULDN'T TOUCH IT."  Some of you, the only thing missing in your recipe for massive success is a BACK BONE. Start standing up for yourself.  Stop letting […]

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Julia Zhu And Tony Bao – Mannatech Achieve Million Dollar Club

November 18, 2016
Julia Zhu, Tony Bao, Mannatech, Million Dollar Club

  Julia Zhu and Tony Bao, founders of the Happy Team and one of the first two Chinese Canadian couples to achieve the prestigious Platinum Presidential Director leadership level, have achieved huge success with Mannatech. They are Chairman’s Club members, which is an exclusive club made up of only top leaders within the company, as […]

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Toan And Van Nguyen – Wor(l)d GN Achieve Grand President Rank

November 18, 2016
Toan And Van Nguyen, World Global Network, Grand President Rank

  In their first week, Toan and Van Nguyen have achieved the rank of Grand President, considered one of the fastest rises in Wor(l)d history. A Wor(l)d Grand President brings in over $750,000 of revenue in 7 days. In addition, Toan and Van are some of the fastest to hit the rank of President, achieving […]

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The Top Female Networker 2016 – Poll

November 17, 2016
Top Female Networker

  Business For Home is organizing the Top Female MLM Networker 2016 – Poll. Awesome MLM – Network Marketing – Direct Selling field leaders with a proven track record. On request, this year we will bring out 2 seperate polls, one for Men and one for Women (November 2016). We will personally hand over the […]

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Torsten Sedlmeier – ASEA Achieves Ambassador Diamond Leader Rank

November 16, 2016
Torsten Sedlmeier,ASEA,Ambassador

  Torsten Sedlmeier is the first independent associate in Europe to reach redox-signaling giant ASEA's new rank of Ambassador Diamond, reports Robert Schwenkler of ASEA, LLC, which launched in late 2010, manufactures the world’s first and only Redox Signaling supplement. These Redox Signaling Molecules in ASEA support the vital activity of cellular repair and […]

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Buyezee Further Expands Into Asia

November 16, 2016
Daniela Claudia Szasz, CEO, Buyezee

  Over the past week Buyezee CEO – Daniela Claudia Szasz and COO – Antony Spear, have been expanding the sales distribution in Asia with the first pre-launch meetings taking place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and meeting with leaders in Kuala Lumpur to finalise Pre-Launch Roll-Out plans for Malaysia and Indonesia. Daniela Claudia-Szasz stated: "The […]

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Mannatech Co-Founder Ray Robbins Retires from Board of Directors

November 16, 2016
Ray Robbins, Mannatech

  Mannatech, a global health and wellness company committed to transforming lives to make a better world, announced that its co-founder, Marlin Ray Robbins, gave notice of his resignation as a member of Mannatech’s Board of Directors on Thursday, November 10, effective immediately as of such date. Robbins, Mannatech’s top sales associate, announced that he […]

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Rabu Gary – Wor(l)d Global Network Achieves Success In The USA

November 15, 2016
Rabu Gary, World Global Network, USA

  Rabu Gary is an accomplished business professional, having coached, mentored and supported thousands of people across the globe.   Along with Dr. Ronald Mueller, Rabu has co-authored a special edition of the top selling book in its class, titled It’s How Much You Keep That Counts!  Not How Much You Make.  As a result of […]

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James Lavelle Achieves Success With ARIIX

November 15, 2016
James Lavelle, ARIIX

  ARIIX — The Opportunity Company™ – a Triple A classified opportunity by Business For Home – proudly inducts James Lavelle as the newest member of its Founders Club, the pinnacle of success within the company. To join the Founders Club, a Representative must demonstrate remarkable character and leadership, display strong contractual compliance, enjoy top […]

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Poh Ted Ang – Wor(l)d Global Network Achieves Success In Malaysia

November 14, 2016
Poh Ted Ang, World Global Network, Malaysia

  Poh Ted Ang, together with his wife Stephanie, recently became the first Wor(l)d Global Network grand diamonds in Malaysia. Poh Ted Ang came to Wor(l)d with 30 years of valuable entrepreneurship, networking and training experience. He is the first certified Jack Canfield Trainer on The Success Principles in Malaysia. Poh Ted Ang has built […]

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Industry Icon Ed Mercer Achieves Success With Global Wealth Trade

November 11, 2016
Ed Mercer, Global Wealth Trade

  Ed Mercer achieves Regional Ambassador level in record time and talks to about his new MLM home. “It took 50 years but I found my home with Global Wealth Trade (GWT Corp.)  I never thought after spending half a century in MLM as a high performing distributor with over a million distributors in […]

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Al and Luz-Angela Rodriguez Achieve Success in Vida Divina

November 7, 2016
Al and Luz-Angela Rodriguez, Vida Divina

  Al Rodriguez and his wife, Luz-Angela, are full-time network marketing professionals and team builders that reside in Texas and build a massive global team in record time in Vida Divina. They love being full-time stay-at-home parents to their young children and support affiliates in about 30 countries, while working their Anywhere Business. They help […]

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Top Leader John Haremza Achieves Success With Valentus

November 4, 2016
John Haremza, Valentus

  John Haremza – 26 year veteran with lifetime earnings of 15 million joined Valentus this year, an AA+ classified company by Business For Home. John is author of “Right or Almost Right”.  It addresses so many of the concerns that we face as networkers. It is a must read. But when I spoke to […]

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Nattida And Chad Chong Wor(l)d GN Achieves President Millionaire Top Rank

November 3, 2016
Chad and Nattida Chong, World Global Network

  After achieving the rank of Grand President just a few short months ago, Wor(l)d’s Power Couple in the USA, Nattida and Chad Chong, have done it again. In just a few weeks, Nattida and Chad have achieved the rank of President Millionaire, and all in one of the fastest times in Wor(l)d history. A […]

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