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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews)

Per year: $630.00 million

Per month: $52.50 million

Per week: $12.12 million

Per day: $1.73 million

Per hour: $71,918

Per minute: $1,198.63

per second: $19.98

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews)
Alex Palombo 2020-03-26 13:27:04


"dõTERRA es lo que has buscado toda tu vida" fueron las palabras mágicas de mi esposa para que yo volteara a ver la oportunidad de negocio. A 5 años de distancia te puedo decir que tenía toda la razón. En dõTERRA hemos encontrado calidad insuperable en los productos, los ejecutivos, el plan de compensación y a eso agrégale que estamos en la línea de mayor crecimiento a nivel global, lo cual representa entrenamiento y apoyo sin igual. Estamos a un whatsapp de distancia +52-55-5415-2414 (a veces +521-55-5415-2414). Piensa global, actúa local y ve a conquistar el mundo.

"dõTERRA is what you have been looking for all your life" were my wife's magic words for me to turn to see the business opportunity. 5 years away I can tell you that he was absolutely right. At dõTERRA we have found unsurpassed quality in the products, the executives, the compensation plan and add to this that we are in the line of greatest growth globally, which represents unparalleled training and support. We are a WhatsApp away + 52-55-5415-2414 (sometimes + 521-55-5415-2414). Think global, act local and go conquer the world.

Alex & Juliette Palombo.

Elina Sousa 2020-02-25 07:44:36

Empresa Maravilhosa. Exemplo mundial, excelente oportunidade. a empresa DoTerra está ajudando muitas famílias no Brasil, como também em tantas partes do mundo. O mercado do MLM está muito bem servido não só na América, como também na Europa, na Asia, na America do Sul com tantas empresas conceituadas globais atuando neste mercado do Marketing de Rede, e uma delas é a DoTerra. Quero deixar aqui meu site pessoal de Marketing de Rede da empresa Amakha Paris Cosméticos
a Companhia Amakha Paris Cosméticos, uma empresa Brasileira fundada em 2017 já é a segunda maior companhia Brasileira no Marketing de Rede. A Amakha Paris está em Franca expansão com sua estrutura própria dentro do mercado brasileiro, como também, na expansão em países vizinhos como Bolívia, Colômbia e Peru. Atenção líderes, fiquem de olho na Amakha Paris, pois a empresa não para de crescer.
em Breve estaremos marcando posições entre as primeiras colocadas no MLM mundial.
Amakha Paris, lugar de gente Feliz

Lona DeRieux 2018-05-25 20:57:07

I love dōTERRA leadership, humanitarian efforts, products and education. I swore I would never do direct selling. Clary sage changed at all for me. My health, my life, my growth and yes my income. I just started the journey, kept the faith in the mission and pressed forward even when it was tough. Even if I wasn’t sharing doTerra, I would be devastated without the gift of the products in my life. I thank Dave Sterling for your leadership, Emily Wright for your heart and all the other amazing owners for your vision and making It possible for me to live the life I always dreamed of. Forever greatful.

Shawna Harrison Van Nuys 2018-04-07 16:04:34

I have tried other MLM/Direct Selling companies and I never been as successful, or found them as rewarding, as with doTERRA! The integrity, the caring, the community, and the products are all outstanding. The founders are so genuine and have done a fabulous job of creating this community that I am so proud to be a part of. The comp plan was also designed in such a way to foster helping others over competition. With doTERRA, people come first, then products, then the business.
The products have helped my family immensely with a variety of big issues and I never want to be without them! We feel so much better than we ever thought possible. And I feel so good knowing that when I buy them, I am helping the growers around the world.
If you want an impeccable company, the best products, a loving community, and to be able to help others then doTERRA is the company for you! If you want some more info, I am happy to help.

Luciana Sposaro 2017-09-26 15:40:32

The best network marketing company of them all after being in network marketing for 7 years dōTERRA has been the only company I have been able to build a fast growing team a constant incomes. As a mum of 3 dōTERRA has been life changing for me on all levels. I highly recommend dōTERRA to anyone who loves there essential oils who’s a believer in using oils in there everyday life. I was able to reach DIRECTOR STATUS within a year of being part of dōTERRA. They offer cheap reliable prices so there never overpriced. You can find me in the recommended distributor section under dōTERRA I’m always looking for new leaders in my team.

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