Business For Home Newsletter January V2


Business For Home Newsletter – January 2010 V2

Movers & Shakers

This guys & girls found a new home:

Alan Decker    Monavie   >  Dubli
Charlie Culver    FLP    > Evolv Health
David Greene    A.C.T. Energy    > Aviara
Jeff Hooks    Vemma  >   Monavie
John Macker    Isagenix   >  Aviara
Ken Rasner    Lifewave  >   Cieaura
Peter Martin    Monavie >    Dubli
Phil & Jenny Sack    Monavie  >   Xowii
Robert Dean Monavie    > Evolv Health

Check the complete list out here

Movers and Shakers

Top Earners adjustments

Jordan Adler $176,000
Steve Thompson $120,000
Loren Middag $25,000
Brad Hager $50,000
Derk Broes $5,000
Helen Junker $50,000
Todd Smith $50,000
Robert Hollis $38,400
Sergio Carvallo $29,000
Annemarie Cabalerro  $27,000
Kevin Mullens – $17,000
Dave Peterman  $15,000
Ronald Saunders  $15,000
Jeff Dykes  $10,000

Check the complete list out here


New Top Earners

We added 22 Top Earners From Eiro Research to our rankings (Around $5,000 – $ 10,000) and 28 Top Earners from Ambit Energy. Highest ranked are:

Brian McClure – Ambit $151,000
Steve Thompson -Ambit $150,000
Philip Eckhart – Ambit  $60,000
Carlos Marin – Ambit $55,000
Chris Atkinson – Ambit $40,000
Ray Montie – Ambit $38,000
Frank Schmaeling – Ambit $35,000

New MLM Momentum ranks

It seems the momentum for Xowii is not much effected by the Monavie Lawsuit.

Xowii jumped to the Nr. 2 position and Monavie's Black Diamond Phil & Jenny Sack found there new home.

1. Trump Network
2. Xowii
3. Evolv Health
4. Nu Skin
5. Monavie
6. Agel


It happens in the corporate world and in Direct Selling. Companies ends operations, which is sad news for distributors involved:

Gem Life Style (UK)



Company Alert:

YTB Travel (-62 % in Revenue) 

Natural Health Trends Global (-48% in Revenue)

If you are involved we encourage you to take a closer look to the Company Annual or quaterly report…

Not much companies can survive such a dramatic decline…. and it is not the first bad quarter….

Amber Alert

Vitamine Video

Why a (liquid) supplement? Over 500 downloads in a few days….

Why A Vitamine Supplement?


Direct Selling Video

Over 600 downloads…

Why Direct Selling Video

MLM Vips

We are compiling a list of the people behind the Direct Selling Industry. The trusted advisors, consultants, authors, experts. Those guys and girls who can make or break an opportunity or company or has high influence. Very Important People sometimes they are behind the curtain

Check it out here

Start-up Companies

Here you find 45 start ups in Direct Selling.  As usual: we do not recommend or endorse any, we just show the facts and figures.

European Direct Selling Congress

12 of the Greatest Direct Selling Trainers in One Event  Amsterdam – The Netherlands, 4 September 2010.

Pre-registration is open! Watch the new movie…


An unique event for:

Sales Professionals, CXO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Prospects…

Keynote speakers from all major Direct Selling organizations.

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Ted Nuyten

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Ted W. Nuyten – Founder


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