Business For Home Newsletter February 2011

Business For Home February 2011


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Update Top Earner Ranks

Robert Hollis – Gano Excel $106,000*
Ken Dunn – Evolv Health  $65,000
Juan Barrios – Evolv Health   $35,000
Leonardo Daniel – Evolv Health   $25,000
Tim Dillon – ACN $23,000 (Partnership)
John Dillion – ACN $23,000 (Partnership)
Garrett McGrath – Evolv Health   $10,000
Mike Healy – Evolv Health   $10,000
Eric Allen – Worldventures $5,000
Eric Gamio – Xowii $5,000

*$ are estimated earnings per month.

Robert Hollis - Gano Excel

Webinar: How To Build Up Your Business with Facebook

450+ professional networkers signed up for the previous editions.

February 7 or February 14, I will present again this opportunity neutral webinar.

Price $12.50 including 40 powerpoint slides and the copyrights.

Nice to share with and to educate your team!

 Facebook Webinar

Free Webinar: 8 Categories Of MLM Distributorship

Canadian based Forensic Top Trainer Ramin Mesgarlou presents this opportunity neutral webinar, on Wednesday 17 February. Which type of networker are you (and your team?)The lottery guy, the wonder boy or the serious part-time networker? A must see for professional networkers!

Sign up here

Ramin Mesgarlou

Terry Dorfman Versus Melaleuca

76 comments and counting for this law suit. Stay tuned as it is a ground breaking case.

Terry Dorfman is terminated by Melaleuca and is fighting back

If you want to support Terry you can donate here, follow this link!

 Terry Dorfman

Sell Or Buy A Downline…

As in the corporate world it is in most direct selling opportunities possible to sell or buy a existing business. Downlines are the private property of the independent distributor.  Business for is bringing together, in a new service, buyers and sellers in a confidential, simple and smart way.


Movers And Shakers

Professional networkers with a new home.

Christian Guevara: Xowii Perú > Organo Gold
Roberto Guevara: Xowii Perú > Organo Gold
Mariella Mori: Xowii Perú > Organo Gold
Felipe Dammert: Xowii Perú > Organo Gold
Jessica Medina: Xowii Perú > Organo Gold

Christian Guevara

Eric Worre Denies Send Out Card rumours

Eric Worre denies the rumour he got paid $2 million to join Send Out Cards (SOC).When asked Eric replied: I received zero special consideration for joining, transfering or building SOC. Zero. 

End of rumour and discussion…

Eric Worre

Kevin Thompson, MLM Attorney

Kevin Thompson has an excellent name as MLM attorney. Kevin operates a law practice that specializes in providing legal services for start up network marketing companies.

Check out his Face-book fan page. Great insider content for distributors!

Kevin Thompson

Agel Founder Glen Jensen re-hired

Agel’s CEO gets fired, gets sued…gets re-hired? Agel explicitly accused Jensen of lying to the company, conspiring against the company, abusing his authority as CEO and misusing company funds.

Those are some serious allegations that required lot of thought and planning before inserting into a lawsuit.

Jensen was fired in November, sued in December and if people are right, he’s being re-hired in January. 

Glen Jensen - Agel

Estimated Increase Or Decrease Revenue 2011

Increase in Revenue in 2011:
HerbalifeReza Mesgalou - Global Wealth Trade
Nu Skin
Organo Gold
Global Wealth Trade 
Rain Nutrition 
Talk Fusion 

Decrease in Revenue in 2011:Randy Gage - Agel

My Shopping Genie


Interview Jonathan Gilliam

I recently had the good fortune to get to know a rising star in the network marketing world.  

Jonathan Gilliam of Momentum Factor is a well-regarded industry consultant known for helping direct selling companies improve their marketing, especially online and in social media.

Jonathan Gilliam - Momentum Factor

Max International – CEO and President Fired

Max International is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, offering its products through a network of independent sales associates.


Max held a private conference call and announced that the company fired CEO Peter Nordberg & President Mike Larkin.

Peter Nordberg

Yes, You Can

Download it for $4.95 only.

Together with my wife I have put part-time 80 people in the Netherlands on a Direct Selling auto-ship, based on the facts and figures in this book! If I can do it, you can do it!

Yes You Can Banner

Top Opportunities 2011

What are the best companies to work with? Where can you make money -fast- in  2011?

Business For Home made a short list, based on Top Earner rankings, Leadership, Momentum, Growth, Revenue, Conventions and interviews with MLM VIP's.

Top 20


Best regards from the Netherlands! Spring is coming soon..

The Netherlands

Ted Nuyten

Ted W. Nuyten – Founder

Become a Recommended Distributor

Direct Selling Distributors, they are active professionals, who love to team up with you!

Comments (3)

  1. Thanks for the update Ted!

    Modern network marketing is not about “selling” people. There is not a magic system despite so called “internet guru’s” who make such claims while also charging you a ton of money to buy now! You can watch webinar after webinar and never find one piece of actionable advice. You might go listen to a “Double Black Diamond” tell you it’s “Easy” and all you have to do is “get two” who will get “two more,” but they never quite master or clearly share the “how” part.

    Modern network marketing is truly “The Business of the 21st Century” as Robert Kiyosaki states in his new book. Note that he calls it a “business.” Do not buy into a “dream.” Life long Main Street USA business owners fail at network marketing. Life long corporate Executives fail at network marketing. Smart people fail at network marketing.

    What I truly appreciate about Ted’s “” web page and his Facebook page is that he simply “shares” information. He is sharing his experience and knowledge. The United States has a shrinking middle class. It’s not because Barrack can’t stand firm on any one subject. It’s not because George Bush had a hidden agenda of any sort. It’s not because Bill Clinton helped to admit China into the World Trade Organization. It’s because the Telecom Reform Act connected the entire world via Fiber Optic Cable in 1996. Today, if you are not in a business where by a “point and click” you can move money, share knowledge, relay information…you are a dinosaur.

    Over 6 Billion people get online every single day.

    Your upline probably does not understand or grasp how to market to a worldwide audience. Many successful network marketers are self-driven, business minded, and have person to person networks. Many others have money that can help them push past that initial marketing push where you are not going to make your money back each week or every month.

    What Ted is doing online here, is what every motivated networker needs to do. Share from the heart. It’s not the sale anyone needs to be focused on!

    To learn more, ask. But thanks Ted for your continued effort!!! See you on Facebook!

    Facebook: -Peter Dean Bouloukos- & XOWii Ventura

    Yours in success,


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