Empower Network Launches Millionaire’s Club

Lawrence Tam, Empower Network


Software and web marketing company Empower Network recently established a Millionaire's Club, an exclusive Empower Network group of affiliates who have earned more than $1 million in sales.

During its quarterly conference, held in Denver in July, Empower Network unveiled this new initiative to a crowd of more than 6,000 attendees. As much an example as it is a form of peer recognition, the club serves to demonstrate that with enough focus, commitment and perseverance, affiliates can reach an income of $1 million by following the company's eight core commitments.

Success is all about your own level of commitment, time and effort, said co-founder and President David Sharpe. Empower Network rewards and celebrates its affiliates' successes. We want our affiliates to succeed and build upon their wealth.

The new group currently consists of five members who were inducted at the Denver conference. Empower Network's Millionaire's Club members include co-founders of the company David Wood and David Sharpe as well as Tony Rush, Vick Strizheus and Lawrence Tam.

Empower Network inducted me into the Millionaire's Club and gave me a huge Super Bowl-like gold ring, said affiliate member Tony Rush. This ring isn't just a ring, it's a symbol – a symbol that someone like me can go from frustrated and burnt out (with corporate America) to building a huge team of people who are living with purpose in their lives.

New members are presented with a 14-carat gold ring that showcases more than 240 diamonds and is emblazoned with the company's logo and inscribed with Millionaire's Club on the face of the ring. The right side of the ring features the words Empower Network in addition to the owner's full name and the date they joined as an affiliate. The left is inscribed with the abbreviation MC below the date that the affiliate hit $1 million in sales. MTM, the company that made the New England Patriots' Super Bowl rings, is also behind the creation of Empower Network's Millionaire's Club rings.

Empower Network plans to hold similar ring induction ceremonies as more affiliates earn spots in the Millionaire's Club upon reaching the million-dollar mark.

Empower Network pays commissions pursuant to the current compensation plan, which is available at www.empowernetwork.com/download/EN-compensation-model.pdf. Empower Network does not guarantee that affiliates will make any money from use or promotion of its products and services. While we can not guarantee profit from use or promotion of Empower Network products or service, please view the data on our current commission structure. Income disclosures are available online, www.empowernetwork.com/income.php.

About Empower Network

Empower Network hosts one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online in addition to providing educational training products and services to online marketers and start-up, home-based and small businesses. Empower Network offers a program through which affiliates can earn commissions off the sales of Empower Network products.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., David Wood and David Sharpe founded Empower Network in 2011 to empower small-business owners to make money online without dealing with the technical, marketing, payroll and overhead challenges that frustrate many entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Empower Network's signature product is a viral blogging system geared toward helping its 30,000 affiliates and 70,000 members use the Internet to grow their businesses online, taking them from disenfranchisement to full self-empowerment through the use of blogs, direct sales and online marketing. Visit www.empowernetwork.com for more information.

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Empower Network Disclaimer:

The amount of time it takes to achieve the stated income varies by participant. The estimates provided above were the result of an informal sampling of Empower Network participants. Basically, it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business. The income statistics above are for all active affiliates world wide for the date specified above, are based in US dollars, and update daily.

An 'active affiliate' is defined as someone who: 1) Has executed an affiliate application; 2) has an active membership with a minimum of the Empower Network blogging platform; 3)has received at least one direct commission in the last 30 days; 4) has either an approved merchant account, or integrated a payment method in the members area; and 5) has not been terminated, or chosen to discontinue for any reason.


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