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In a message on Vick's website in the early hours of May 1st, he addresses the public on recent events with Empower Network in a possibly too fast emotional response.

However, Vick Strizheus and Empower Network's relationship is alive and kicking. They have announced they are working together again as well as this case is happily concluded. 

David Wood – Founder of Empower Network stated:


Vick got on a call with us to all of our affiliates and publicly apologized for unintentionally creating rumors and misperceptions.  We talked through the issues in front of everyone, together, and corrected the misperceptions publicly, like we always do.  


There is no current bad energy between Vick and Empower Network.

Vick Strizheus:

This message is for all Empower Network members, Big Idea Mastermind members, my clients and customers, my subscribers and followers, and the entire community. There has been a lot of rumors and twisted information floating around about what’s REALLY going on, so. I’d Like To Get The Record Straight In This Public Post.

As many of you know I’ve joined Empower Network Dec, 2012 and founded Big Idea Mastermind team. In the first 15 months our team grew to over 32,000 members.

What really motivated me was seeing people’s lives literally transform. To see brand new team members start from scratch and go on to earn life-changing incomes, quit their jobs, and become a totally different person was the very thing that drove me. It kept me going and working, not counting the hours.

I remember when I was building the BIM system, my vision was to create something great that would really change a lot of lives. So I was working like an animal, pulling 18-20 hour days, sometimes working all through the night with no sleep what-so-ever.

Spending almost no time with my lovely wife and 4 awesome kidos. Missing lunches and dinners more times then I can remember. Investing virtually all of my personal commissions that I was earning (in the beginning) back into building the BIM system. (well over $1 million was invested – all from personal commissions.)

I didn’t charge anybody for the system. I was on a MISSION. I had a big DREAM. I had a BIG VISION that was worth going for. And it WORKED. We changed a LOT of lives through Big Idea Mastermind.

As I write this, I feel very humbled and privileged to be able to play a small role in that. I went to ALL Empower Network events. (Don’t think I missed not one of them since getting on board.) I resonated with Dave Wood’s and Dave Sharpe’s vision for the company.

Heck, still do!

I met and became very good friends with some of the most amazing people in the EN community. Some of the relationships I created in Empower are beyond awesome. Had HUGE plans for the future and big ideas that I wanted to give life to within Empower Network through Big Idea Mastermind.

Everything was going great until about 10:00PM EST on April 29th, 2014. What happened?

Well, what happened was I held a private webinar which was exclusive to Big Idea Mastermind members ONLY and I made an announcement that there’s a possibility that I MAY need to leave the Network Marketing Industry.

Reason for that is because South Dakota (the state where I live) has different rules when it comes to offering any kind of a business opportunity.

Jonathan Cronstedt, Empower CEO official response:

Many of you may have been on a webinar last night done by Vick Strizheus / Big Idea Mastermind, and I wanted to clear up any confusion, as well as correct the inaccuracies from the webinar.


Despite what Vick inferred during the conference, Vick’s challenges in the state of South Dakota are directly related to his own efforts outside of Empower Network. There are no pending issues between Empower Network and the state of South Dakota (or any other state).  As it turns out, Vick has had challenges in the past in South Dakota related to another venture back in 2008.  In 2013, unbeknownst to us at Empower Network, he was asked to refrain from promoting his “Big Idea Mastermind” in South Dakota.  This request was disregarded, which led to the issues hinted at by Vick during the call.   


For those of you currently going through the Internet Traffic Formula Course, it will continue to be delivered on time and it is my highest priority that you have an incredibly impactful learning experience.


We at Empower Network have long held the belief that your past is not your future, and that we are here to help you build your dreams, whatever they may be…and that belief requires that you will build that dream with integrity and honor, with respect for compliance, regulations, and rules that exist to ensure we all have an opportunity to build on a solid foundation.


I'm grateful to each and every one of you who has joined us in our quest to bring about an entrepreneurial revolution, and we wish Vick Strizheus and his family the best in resolving the current challenges he is personally experiencing.

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