SereniGy Merged With Rain International

Byron Belka, President, Rain International


SereniGy's CEO, Jay Noland, announced today via conference call that SereniGy has come to an agreement to merge with Rain International, the Utah, USA based health and wealth company.

Rain International stated:

This allows the SereniGy legacy to accelerate at a much more rapid pace.

Rain International is a fast growing network marketing company in the industry. Rain currently operates full scale corporate infrastructures supporting over 20 Countries.

Rain International has posted sales of over $10 Million in 2012, over $20 Million in 2013, over $30 Million in 2014, and forcast to hit $60 Million in 2015.

Rain has already created several Millionaires in the International markets throughout Asia and Europe. Now Rain is bringing a major focus to the North American, South American, and Central American markets.

Due to SereniGy's extensive International Network (available for business in over 40 countries), the collaboration is a powerful combination. Jay Noland will now be on the Board of Directors of Rain International and will become the company's Global Master Trainer. Jay Noland will also be involved in assisting the Rain Executive Corporate Team.

This will allow Mr. Noland to focus on building record breaking sales teams that he's accustomed to producing. It is important to note that Mr. Noland is also partnered with the world's largest Interactive Virtual Training Company, LightSpeedVT which will be bringing additional world class training platforms to Rain International.

Rain's product philosophy is based on Seed Nutrition which is a powerful form of nutrition available in the world. This fits perfectly with SereniGy's philosophy.

In June 2015, Rain International announced that industry legend Tom Wincker joined the company.

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