Blue Diamond Andre Winata Leosaputra Helps Others Realize Dreams Through Talk Fusion

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Blue Diamond Andre Winata Leosaputra believes that a powerful dream and enough determination make anything possible. And he’s reminded of how true that is every time he drives his Ferrari California to his beautiful home. Though his dedication has helped him realize his dream of success with Talk Fusion, it wasn’t an easy road.

As one of Team Indonesia’s first leaders, Andre worked diligently alongside Mario and Marselinus Halim to spread Talk Fusion’s cutting-edge products and unmatched business opportunity throughout his country.

He spent much of his time away from home as he shared Talk Fusion and everything it represents: hope, possibilities, and a new way of life. Although it took some time, Andre’s patience and tenacity held strong and Talk Fusion has changed thousands of lives all over Indonesia and the world.

While Andre is proud of his accomplishments and the work he has devoted to building his Talk Fusion business, his success is about so much more than just enjoying time and financial freedom or living a life of luxury. Andre feels the full weight of his purpose every time he watches another member of his team succeed.

Talk Fusion’s mission is to help people realize their dreams. Andre isn’t successful just because he shares innovative technology—he’s successful because he believes in Talk Fusion’s mission and is committed to changing lives.

After attending 7 consecutive incentive trips (including Dream Getaway and the VIP Vision Tour), earning a fully purchased Mercedes-Benz, receiving an impressive Rolex watch and stunning gold and diamond Recognition Ring, buying himself a beautiful house and a brand new Ferrari, and witnessing his team overcome incredible obstacles in order to reach their dreams, Andre is confident that joining Talk Fusion was one of the best decisions he ever made. And he has big plans for the future.

For him, true success comes from working and succeeding together. That’s why Andre’s next goal is to help 100 team members reach the rank of Diamond.

“I want other people to feel what I feel,” said Andre. “Because Talk Fusion changed my life.


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