Varlam Grigoryan Strides Towards Success In Russia

Varlam Grigoryan Strides Towards Success In Russia

Varlam Grigoryan has worked very hard to make Total Life Changes (TLC) markets grow in Russia, Ukraine, and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). It was not an easy task at all, and Varlam is the only person to reach the Ambassador rank this quickly in the history of TLC:

“The decision to become a part of this amazing company was not instantaneous. I was researching the success of TLC since 2016. During the summer of 2019, I decided to become a part of this company, and in November 2019, we started product sales with my team.”

Varlam says that his sponsor is none other than TLC’s CEO Jack Fallon, because he had an immediate connection to him when they first met on March 26, 2016. Jack and Varlam have regular conversations about TLC, and how to ensure success in Russia.

“Since that day in 2016, we have upheld communication, and in the summer of 2019, we had a Zoom call where we decided that TLC is coming to the CIS markets. I was very happy to raise the TLC flag!”

Varlam says that the speed and degree of network development he is experiencing with TLC has not been matched anywhere else during his 7 years in network marketing. He says that he was amazed by the philosophy of Total Life Changes, and initially, Varlam started in Russia with only his word and no product. But through his belief in TLC, he had convinced everyone that it was the right choice for anyone who wanted to become more financially stable:

“I was so inspired to create a company in the CIS where there will be the most quantity of people who get from $500 to $1000 in percentage terms to the active partners in the company.


Especially considering that in the CIS, the average salary is lower than $500. I loved the results people got all over the world from TLC’s products. And of course, after the Compensation Plan revision, I was inspired even more. Thanks to this plan, any person can easily start their business and receive $100 during the first week without big investments. This is incredible!”

One of Varlam’s missions that he wants to accomplish over time is to reach 10,000 people. Varlam and his wife brainstormed after a meeting with Jack Fallon, and he calls his mission “Happy 10,000,” because he wants to help 10,000 people in his country to earn at least $500 or more without big investments:

“I can already visualize that very soon we will say thanks to TLC, and we will have helped 10,000 people to earn at least once $500 so that they become a little bit happier. I am confident that money can make people happier by solving problems in their lives.”

About Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes (TLC) is a direct selling company offering a diverse product portfolio of health and wellness products. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jack Fallon created TLC 16 years ago with a single product: NutraBurst®.  Since that time, TLC has continued to develop weight loss and wellness products matched with an attractive hybrid binary compensation plan.

This allows Life Changers of TLC to be rewarded quickly for introducing new customers to its products and business opportunity. Find out why so many are saying, ‘It really is different over here.’ For more information please visit

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