Trish and Bob Schwenkler Recognized As ” Business Builder of the Year” At ASEA convention

Trish and Bob Schwenkler Recognized As " Business Builder of the Year” At ASEA convention

Trish and Bob Schwenkler were recognized as  ” Business Builder of the Year”  at the 2019 ASEA convention, held in Las Vegas, USA

This coveted award signifies the high regard the ASEA Founders and Corporate Executives hold  for the Schwenkler’s herculean efforts to build  ASEA around the world for the past 10 years.

The Schwenklers were also given “Top Income Earner” and  “Top Growth” awards.

Trish has been full time in network marketing since 1993. Bob left his former career developing and patenting equipment in the semi-conductor industry, and  joined Trish full-time in MLM a few years later.

This dynamic duo became one of the Top 10 Global Earners in their first company where they worked for 15 years. For the past 10+ years, since 2009,  they have partnered exclusively with ASEA.

The Schwenklers are the only associates who  have reached the top rank in the ASEA compensation plan: Presidential Triple Diamond.


The Schwenklers are the  #1 Income Earners in ASEA, a title  they have held for the past 8 years. They are the first members of the ASEA 10 Million Dollar Club.

The Schwenklers have helped create nearly  200 Diamond+  ranks within their organization. They have helped develop 20 ASEA  Millionaire Club Members as well as ASEA’s  third member of the 10 Million Dollar Club.

The Schwenklers are grateful for the incredible leadership within their team that has propelled them to the heights of network marketing. Their organization extends around the globe throughout USA, Canada, Mexico, 23 countries in  Europe, Australia/NZ, and Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Phillipines, Thailand.

Trish and Bob Schwenkler International Success Team Leaders:


About ASEA

When they launched nearly ten years ago, ASEA’s Founders Verdis and Tyler Norton, a father/son team,  combined the direct selling business model with a  Fortune 50 corporate strategic planning structure . ASEA’s  mission: Take a revolutionary cellular health product to the masses worldwide. ASEA’s  flagship products are based on an advanced technology called “Redox Signaling” that helps cells Communicate, Protect, and Regenerate.

In an 8 week study by Tauret Laboratories (one of the top genetic labs in North America) ASEA Redox was shown to activate gene signaling pathways that positively impact 5 major areas of health: Inflammatory Response, Cardiovascular health, Healthy Digestion, Hormone Modulation, Immune System. “ASEA is the only company in the world to have the labor and materials for complete cellular health” – Jarom Webb, ASEA President

ASEA was recently announced as #44 in Direct Selling News “2020 Global 100 list of top direct selling companies in the world based on 2019 revenue” For more information please visit


Get more information, facts and figures about ASEA, click here for the ASEA overview.

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