Mike McClean Trains TLC on Essential Oils

Total Life Changes (TLC) released their complete essential oil line, Total Life Essential Oils, in January, and it took off with the community. But they needed a subject expert to teach the customers how to use them and why they are so special. Essential oil guru Mike McClean came back to TLC and went into more detail about this topic.

Total Life Essentials Oils are sourced from the states and countries where the plants are indigenously grown.

“On each one of the boxes, you can see where we source our oils from, Italy, Spain, Australia, North America, Mexico.,” says Mike. “We have gone all over the world to source them natively.”

Another benefit to these oils is that they’re precisely harvested. This refers to the cultivation of the plants. For example, the lavender must be harvested between a specific window to harvest the best plants.

After harvesting, the botanicals head to the extraction process. According to Mike, this process is different depending on what plant or fruit is being used for the essential oil:

“With our citrus oils, we used what’s called a cold press. I always think of two big stones rolling over the fruit and squeezing the oil out into a big vat. Now, something like lavender, peppermint use a steam distillation process. This is a big pot that we put the botanical in, heat the water, and the steam grabs the oil.”

The oils are then sent for rigorous testing to ensure that unwanted substances are filtered out of the oil using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, or GCMS.

“This helps us ensure that the constituent profiles of the essential oils are accurate. It’s essential to go through this process to prove that we’re selling a true lavender oil, for example,” says Mike. ”We also test for addition microbes, heavy metals and herbicides and pesticides, so that what we give is 100% pure essential oil.”

A unique feature of TLC’s essential oils is the nitrogen flush used during packaging. This process ensures the shelf life of the product and removes all oxygen to prevent oxidation:

“This is a huge deal because, to my knowledge, we’re one of the only mainstream companies that are utilizing this process to help with the integrity of the essential oils.”

Mike wraps up his training by looking to the future of the company with essential oils:

“We’ll continue to work together as a company and as a team to continue to grow our experience base. There’s so much more that I can share with you. But everyone has to start somewhere. Numerous resources are available that can help you expand your knowledge and your new aromatic journey that we started together.”

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