The Sunday Hustle Warms Hearts on Father’s Day

Total Life Changes (TLC) has always kept their broadcasting schedule full of new and exciting content for all audiences. And Director of Fulfillment and Logistics, Evan Brengman’s show The Sunday Hustle is no exception, bringing in a younger audience of viewers every Sunday morning at 11 AM.

On Father’s Day, Evan brought in his dad, Kenny Brengman, to offer some guidance and a look into his own personal story as a father. He highlighted what being a dad means to him:

“Being a father is very hard at times, but it’s great to see that you can teach your children the right way to do things, like my father and my mother did. Being a dad and being a mentor is one of the hardest things to do, because they look up to you and sometimes you make mistakes. But you love them period.”

Prior to TLC, Kenny’s family including his 12 siblings were involved in the restaurant business. After 18 years of hard work, Kenny was looking for a career change, and was approached by CVO Jack Fallon at his daughter’s hockey practice. He was offered a job in the warehouse, and says it was truly something he appreciates to this day:

“I thank Jack from the bottom of my heart, because this is a total life change for me. I can provide for my family and take them on trips. It feels great to be a part of a great community like TLC, because everybody that you see loves each other.”

Kenny delivered a message of inspiration, saying that it’s all about pushing yourself to get past your obstacles and achieve your goals:

“You can always fall back on your parents, and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Because if you keep pushing you will succeed. Its all about what you have in your heart. I know with God’s help and the push that you have in your heart, you’ll succeed in what you aim to get in life.”

Kenny gave some sage advice for new fathers who are having their first child:

“Be patient. It’s very hard when you first have a baby, and they’re crying and you want them to stop. You just need to have patience and just cuddle them and love them like nothing else in the world. They’ll stop crying and you’ll be so proud, just nurture them.”

Evan closed the show by sharing some general thoughts about family and encourages everyone to live in the moment:

“Since we’re in our two-week celebration of the life of Kairee Douglas, it’s just another gentle reminder that life is so short. Be patient, spend some time with your kids, and if you’re blessed and lucky to still have a father alive, tell him that you love him, spend some time with him. Because at the end of the day, all we have is memories to take with us.”

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