Ana Cantera Achieves Grand Ambassador Rank with TLC

Total Life Changes (TLC) released two new exclusive ranks on June 28, 2021. The Grand Ambassador Rank includes increased weekly bonuses, a Branded Jeep Rubicon, and a custom diamond ring. The Elite Ambassador Rank (now the highest qualifying rank at TLC) includes increased weekly bonuses, a branded Tesla, and a custom diamond pendant. So naturally, TLC’s top earners were up for the challenge.

Dominican Republic native Ana Cantera has always been loyal to TLC and strives to be a shining example for other Life Changers. Prior to TLC, Ana was a poor single mother and struggled to feed her children, but she has worked hard and provided the best for her family, inspiring other Dominicans and Latinos to follow in her footsteps.

Ana was the second Life Changer to qualify for the new Grand Ambassador Rank, and her sponsor, Stormy Wellington, supported her completely. Ana speaks about one of the first times she met Stormy (TLC’s first to qualify for Grand Ambassador) in the Dominican Republic at a special community named Casa de Campo:

“Casa de Campo is a very exclusive place. All the houses are very large, very glamorous. The property is beautiful, it has a marina, a beach, and golf courses. I fell in love with several different houses. But at that time I was still just beginning to grow my business and I knew I could not afford one. So, I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to buy the house that I want, the house of my dreams.’ For me, it was a big deal, I deserve it, and my family deserves it, and I’m going to make it happen!”

And Ana did just that. She was on a crusade for several years, developing one of the largest TLC organizations in Latin America. Now Ana lives with her family in one of those glamorous homes in Casa de Campo. She expresses how she supports TLC’s mission:

“We are in the best moment, and I’m so excited because I know we are just starting. We have so many people changing their lives in different countries and Latin America. This is just the beginning of our vision, 1000 Families. I’m one of those families, and this is real. This is what we do. We are changing generations.”

Grand Ambassador Stormy shows the significance of Ana’s completion date for this rank:

“Today is 7/7, the day of completion. The number 7 represents completion, it’s not a coincidence, because today she completed the process… We’re celebrating today great news in 2 days. We’re celebrating today another beautiful day, another beautiful accomplishment, and I’m very proud and grateful. These are the things that make me say ‘Man, keep going, keep growing, keep showing up,’ because there’s someone else waiting to live the life that they dream of.”

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