Global Director Rossalba Molina Tineo Brings Her Tips to TLC

Total Life Changes (TLC) is always looking to reward and challenge its Life Changers. And one of the shows that highlight these is Tips from the Field, hosted by CCO Scott Bania and airs on Monday Nights at 6 PM EST on the TLC Facebook Page.

This second interview is from a two-part series that focuses on bringing the tips and tricks of the retail business to the Life Changers themselves. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Rossalba Molina Tineo reached Global Director Rank within her first six months, establishing herself as a prime example for other Dominicans.

She says this fast-paced experience caused her not to get as in-depth with the products as she wanted to, and she gives the advice to combat that:

“What I suggest for everyone to do is to study a lot. Study the products and go on your back office to the help center. It’s like a university; you’re going to find everything there, each product. You have to be a product of the product.”

Rossalba makes sure to market herself with personalized business cards that show her and her client’s real results. She also wears her TLC apparel to show that she is proud of her company and represents her unique brand. Rossalba always carries a bag of samples to share with prospects when she’s on the go.

She says to live in the moment by celebrating every small victory within the team:

“Celebrate everything with your team. Celebrate the little things and the big things, and keep celebrating. Celebrate the people within your team. The success is going to come your way.”

Rossalba gets creative with her products, creating themed gift sets for holidays and birthdays. She says it gives her a unique advantage and makes the product feel more personalized. She also highlights TLC’s 250 Club, an extra incentive when Life Changers sell $250 in retail commissions.

“This is a game-changer. You get your $250 in the product; you get a few cute things. I appreciate it, and I love it; I went out today with my red 250 Club Hat. I promote a lot, and I love talking to people.”

She closes out her interview by showing her gratitude for the company:

“I am TLC by heart. There is no way I wouldn’t be glad to be a part of this company, I’m not going anywhere, and I love what I do. So, thank you so much for having me, and thank you so much for being here.”

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Total Life Changes (TLC) is a direct selling company offering a diverse product portfolio of health and wellness products. Founder and Chief Vision Officer Jack Fallon created TLC 17 years ago with a single product: NutraBurst®. Since that time, TLC has continued to develop weight loss and wellness products matched with an attractive hybrid binary compensation plan.

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