GutCheck Launches at TLC’s Orlando Florida Event

Total Life Changes (TLC) Orlando Mind Body Spirit Event spanned three days from July 22 through 24th and featured a product reveal on Friday morning. The corporate staff kicked off the morning with a grand entry onto the main stage. CVO Jack Fallon gives some praise to the Corporate Team:

“Here is the team that does everything around the world that we need to do daily. So, I know, and all of the Life Changers worldwide know and thank all of you. They work tirelessly and never get enough praise from John or me, but we truly love them, and we know what they go through, and they love TLC.”

The mystery product is revealed from the smoke-filled showcase, and excited crowd members run to the stage, waiting for one of the bottles of GutCheck. CCO Scott Bania introduces the product in detail to the audience:

“One of the ingredients is called Core Biome, which is a tributyrate. This vision from Jack Fallon started as he continues to look for innovative products. And as we discussed in yesterday’s training, all health, good or bad, starts in the gut. So, this is a game-changer.”

Owner of Plant-Science Co., Justin Plant and Research and Development Expert Brynli Tattersall, dive into this product on a scientific level. Brynli explains the goal of GutCheck:

“It helps you promote a healthy gut through several means. They have a lot of magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate. Research has shown that this chemical helps increase the production of butyrate by increasing the good bacteria in your gut that produce butyrate by themselves.”

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid, or post-biotic, which acts as an “indicator” for a healthy gut by fueling the cells of the colon. Brynli explains how the other ingredients in the product work synergistically to promote this healthy gut biome:

“Inflammation in the gut can disrupt the balance of your gut. If you have a proper balance of good to bad bacteria in your gut, you’re not going to have as much inflammation. Plus, there are also a lot of ingredients in the blend that help reduce inflammation and can aid digestion, so a lot of the ingredients are working together.”

Overall, GutCheck is a great product to aid with soothing gut discomfort by promoting healthy digestion. But when paired with healthy and fiber-rich foods, the product can be even more powerful, says Bryli:   

“You can get probiotic effects from eating prebiotics, and this will feed all of the good bacteria in your gut and help with this. It is a really great product, and I loved learning about it. I will take it myself!”  

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