Top Leader Seth Remis Joins DreamTrips International

For more than two decades, Seth Remis helped direct selling entrepreneurs and the companies they represent achieve their goals by selling products.

His first foray into networking was selling legal plans. He built a reputation as a well-known educator/trainer in the Los Angeles market, where his weekly sessions consistently attracted 400-700 company representatives.

Throughout his career, Seth Remis has been a top earner and started five teams that have done millions of dollars in business, and even served as CEO of his own Beverly Hills company where he employed 50 people.

But Remis’s forte is helping companies and entrepreneurs learn how to build with strategy on social media. For companies with tangible products, habitual scrolling can be a detriment. But Remis thinks he has the answer to recapturing consumer attention with a product like travel.

“It’s very difficult nowadays to compete with Amazon and with DreamTrips, you don’t have to. Right now, posting on social media about travel works ten times better than products.

I’ve already seen so many people on our team sign up dozens of people because they utilize social media in a smart efficient way,”

Remis says.

More than ever, people want to travel the world, create memories and have more fun in their lives, spend more time with family and seek more adventures…social media posts like this stop people scrolling. In fact, people linger on these photos. They dream a little with their phone in hand, inspired to get out there and play.

“The best trip I ever took was when I took my dad on a cruise to the Bahamas! We were with a lot of friends. We spent some time in Florida and then in the middle of the cruise we went island hopping. We explored different islands, shopped a lot, ate incredible food and laughed the entire time!”

Remis remembers.

These are the kinds of memories he now helps people create for themselves through DreamTrips International. Unique vacation travel loaded with VIP experiences has become easier than ever to access, just when it seems the whole world needs it most.

“When you sign someone up and they come in with the ability to go on a trip quickly, they are experiencing the greatest product on Earth! And when they do this early, it will springboard them to having certainty about how incredible this is,”

Remis says about the business building aspects of the DreamTrips International’s Discover Trip.

“After talking to literally hundreds of people, I’ve come to the conclusion that a Discover Trip is flat-out brilliant. Giving people the opportunity to get started and then be able to book a DreamTrip so quickly is a well thought out strategy.

That deep connection to something so much fun is very powerful. When a new member gets to experience the magic of a trip and feels spoiled early, I can see them becoming a lifelong member.”

Always fond of traveling the world and with many adventures already under his belt, Remis says the memory of his Discover Trip to Punta Cana stands out.

“We all felt so special. From the second we arrived being a part of DreamTrips felt different. The dinners and parties were so much fun, and the food was amazing! Spending time getting to know everyone was my favorite part of the trip. We all felt very VIP, and we all can’t wait to go back!”

Punta Cana was such a blast and he was so impressed by the proven leadership of DreamTrips International’s Mark and Tammy Smith, Jim Menge and all the other corporate leaders, Remis knew this would be a “home run” as his next career move.

“The strategies everyone is putting together makes this entire business model so unique and solid,”

Remis says. At a time when the economy has more people than ever looking for something they can do and enjoy to bring in more money.

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