DreamTrips Launches Aggressive Customer Acquisition, Loyalty Program

DreamTrips International (DTI) gets it and has just launched a multi-faceted Loyalty Program, as part of an aggressive customer acquisition strategy that incentivizes member travel and prioritizes customer retention with innovative rewards.

“DTI just launched our Loyalty Program with a free cruise offer to new members. It’s beyond amazing. We have had a record number of enrollments since we launched it in April, and we can’t wait to see how it impacts our growth throughout the spring and summer travel months,”

CEO Mark Smith said.

What’s the criteria to get that free cruise?

All it takes is an active DTI membership for six consecutive months to qualify. Paid, active members in good standing also accrue 3 Loyalty Points for each dollar spent on monthly membership.

Those Loyalty Points can be used immediately for partial, buy-down percentages within DTI’s online booking engine to reserve hotels, condos or cruises. (25% of those points are rewarded back to members for hotel reservations.)

After parsing nearly two decades of consumer data and analyzing the lifetime value of their customers, DreamTrips International understands what their customers want and need and deserve.

With the data solidly supporting their actions, DTI launched both customer acquisition and retention programs this spring that express the innovative character and culture within the company.

The pinnacle? A 100-Trip Challenge whose pay-off is a $50,000, custom-built Trip of a Lifetime.

The foundation for that 100-Trip Challenge begins where so many DTI business-builders do…DreamTripping.

“Now more than ever, people are interested in new and unique experiences, and representing a travel company allows them to meet and exceed their own vacation expectations.

With our Get 4 Pay No More program, DTI provides a platform to show our members not only what world travel has to offer with all its glorious sights and sounds, but also the benefits and simplicity of a DTI business,”

Smith said.

Get 4 Pay No More is a customer acquisition incentive for any level IBO, which can qualify them for free monthly membership after they personally sponsor at least four new members with paid orders in a month. (QV total of new members must be greater or equal to 4 times the IBO’s monthly membership).

This is a recurring, month-to-month qualification, for which every IBO starts at 0 of 4 each month. Commissions are still paid, and volume associated with membership remains identical.

“A traveling member is a happy member,”

Smith says. And that is where DTI began when they created DreamTrips Rewards.

“People come to us and work a DTI business because they fall in love with travel, so why not let them earn travel rewards by doing what they love most to do?”

DreamTrips Rewards aims to incentivize and prioritize travel, build loyalty among DreamTrippers and reward them every step of the way. All active, paid members in good standing are eligible to earn rewards for DreamTrips, Discover DreamTrips, Euro Discover DreamTrips, Loyalty Trips and DreamBreaks booked through the online booking engine on or after the program’s launch date.

While the pinnacle may be that Trip of a Lifetime, a free cruise (minus portage and taxes) is yours after experiencing only 5 DreamTrips.

Take 10 DreamTrips and earn $1,000 toward a DreamTrip purchase; 15, earn $2,500 credit. But break that 20 DreamTrip threshold and DTI rewards $5,000 for an exclusive Birthday DreamTrip. Then, there’s that $50,000 custom-built Trip of a Lifetime for DreamTripping 100 times.

Members can track Loyalty Points on their DTI travel portal. Customer Support assists with bookings and explanation of additional rules.

About DreamTrips International

DreamTrips International, LLC is a privately held company based in Frisco, Texas. DreamTrips International is the #1 direct seller of global travel and lifestyle club memberships. More than 1.3 million travelers have experienced the one-of-a-kind, specially curated experiences known as DreamTrips. For more information please visit DreamTrips.com

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