Don and Sandi Mahrer Achieve Highest Rank at LifeWave

Don and Sandi Mahrer, achieve the Highest Rank in LifeWave, Senior Presidential Directors. The Mahrer’s have been involved in the Network Marketing Industry for 31 years.

They have achieved great success in MLM.  But little did they know that Sandi’s sister and her husband Steve and Gina Merritt, were about to take them on an incredible life-changing journey again. LifeWave is without a doubt, the best kept 19-year-old secret in Network Marketing.

“When my sister Gina called us and shared about this newly patented technology that LifeWave had in the X39, we realized this was going to be a huge game changer for all.  After experiencing life changing testimonies personally, with our family, friends, and team we quickly realized this was an opportunity that we could not pass by.

We are convinced, X39 is the best product ever launched in the Network Marketing Industry.”

The Mahrer’s both come from Entrepreneur families. They have earned millions of dollars in the Network Marketing Industry that has provided their family with so much more than a conventional business could ever do.

Don and Sandi have owned multiple conventional businesses which came with many problems and high costs. These conventional businesses never produced the income and freedom they desired after pouring so much effort into them for decades. 

LifeWave however, in such a short period of time allowed us exactly what we were searching for from a business. The technology behind the X39 makes it the most powerful product in the industry because everyone needs it, the testimonies are so emotional, and no one has ever heard of the X39. That absolutely screams opportunity.  

Don and Sandi were excited to attend a LifeWave convention just a month after signing on with the company. After hearing David Schmidt, owner and inventor of X39 speak and hear is heart they knew they had found something uniquely special.

“This is very rare that the owner and CEO is also the inventor with a 19-year track record. It did not take long to realized that God has his hand on David Schmidt and our X39 Patch,”

Explains Don.

“We consider ourselves messengers of HOPE!!  Sharing hope for better health, more wealth, and an answer to prayer for all! Sharing a product that changes lives is so rewarding! 

The X39 Technology is so sophisticated yet simple to explain. Because the message is so simple it allows the newest person to get off to a fast start very quickly,”

Says Sandi.

LifeWave was nowhere on the radar when Steve and Gina reached out to the Mahrers. Now everyone’s talking about X39 as its currently listed at #2 Momentum company per Business for Home, because of the momentum happening in LifeWave the timing could not be better to enroll and get serious.

So many leaders around the world understand the importance of a great product that’s patented and exclusive. X39 delivers all of this as the Mahrer’s are convinced they have their hands on the best product and opportunity in Network Marketing.

“You must understand, the LifeWave story if you are seriously looking for opportunity, is all about the last 3 years. The company has grown from 120 to over 320 million dollars per year. During this time and will exceed $400 for 2023.

That is serious momentum and you do want to not miss this by looking at LifeWave in its infancy stages. This company is poised to be one of the next billion-dollar companies in our industry. Missing it would be a Big Mistake!”

Says Don.

Steve and Gina Merritt, are the absolute best in the Network Marketing world. There is no couple that wants and helps their team to succeed hit the top ranks and achieve their dreams like Steve and Gina. The Merritt’s drive to help everyone make a better way for their families is unstoppable.  Steve and Gina have created a support system like no other we’ve experienced in Network Marketing. It is creating New Ranks in LifeWave at a record pace. The THIS IS IT System was created by Steve and Gina from all their years of experience in becoming legends in the MLM Industry. All we did was follow their leadership.” Says Sandi   

“Our greatest joy is to watch our team soar. It is exciting to hit the top rank ourselves, but the greatest excitement comes when your team starts ranking and hitting the top ranks with you.

We already have friends on our team who have hit the highest rank in LifeWave and it is such a rewarding feeling,”

Says Don.  

The Mahrer’s are on a mission to help David Schmidt achieve his goal of reaching one billion families globally to experience the X39 Technology. They are looking for those who are seriously looking for an opportunity of a lifetime to join them. 

About LifeWave
Since LifeWave received its Patent for the X39 technology July 2020, the company has experienced explosive growth. LifeWave grew 120% over the last year which is a remarkable accomplishment. All this excitement has captured the attention of many Network Marketing leaders around the world which has rocketed LifeWave up the Business For Home Momentum Ranks.  

The technology behind the X39 is very sophisticated, yet the average person can understand and explain how it works. David Schmidt, the owner of LifeWave and inventor of X39 has over 130 patents to his name. He has performed many case studies on LifeWave’s X39 patch technology.

Get more information, facts and figures about LifeWave, click here for the LifeWave overview.

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