Tessa Tremain From Australia Achieves Highest Rank In LifeWave

Tessa Tremain, achieves Senior Presidential Director in LifeWave in the ‘Land down under’with upline all the way in America.  

Tessa has proved that NO MATTER where you are in the world YOU CAN WIN BIG WITH X39! She achieved this prestigious rank just 16 months after enrolling in LifeWave.

As a single mum of four adult children, Tessa has a passion and desire to make a difference in her future. Tessa understood the power of an exclusive product like X39 and the opportunity behind it straight away.

She went to work and started building a team of like-minded people right out of the gates. As she set the vision in place and started to build a team of people to run the race as fast as they could, given the hurdles they all faced.   Tessa says,

“Anyone with a passion and determination and a will to make this happen WILL succeed. The X39 device is phenomenal, all it takes is someone with a Dream that decides to step it up, and become a leader to make it happen.”

Tessa is convinced the X39 Device is the Best Product ever launched in the Network Marketing Industry:

“The X39 device is the reason for the major growth LifeWave is currently experiencing. X39 is the Best Product I have ever experienced in Network Marketing.

The X39 is literally a Game Changer because it’s so easy to share, it’s exclusive, recently patented, and the daily testimonies I experience from my customers give me goosebumps,”

Tessa had no idea the income potential LifeWave had to offer was so lucrative when she first got started. Once she realized she would be partnered up with Network Marketing Legends, Steve and Gina Merritt, Tessa was confident she was about to embellish on a life changing journey that would allow her to accomplish all the dreams she had ever wanted to achieve. 

Steve and Gina Merritt, put together the THIS IS IT System, where they include all their leaders. The power of unity has allowed the THIS IS IT Team to become the Fastest growing team in all of LifeWave. What’s exciting is the road to success has been paved and we are just getting started.”  Explains Tessa.  

LifeWave has been the industry’s best-kept secret that is undeniable! Because of the THIS IS IT Team and their PRO Strategy, LifeWave has recently skyrocketed to the #1 momentum company in the world per Business for Home. This explosive growth is now being recognized by Network Marketing leaders around the globe.

They are flocking to get started in LifeWave. They understand Timing is so important in Network Marketing and expect LifeWaves international markets are about to experience the explosive growth happening in America.   Tessa states,

“I am so excited at what the future holds and how many people we as a team can help to achieve their dreams. This is what drives me! I literally prayed for a change and this opportunity was presented.

My life has had many challenges and I have done some hard yards. But no matter how hard it gets, we just need the grit and determination, no matter the barriers to make it happen. The income I’ve earned through this venture has been truly life-transforming,”

Tessa shares with heartfelt enthusiasm.

“But what brings me even greater joy, is how anyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, can achieve the same level of success. The potential within us is only limited by our own belief, if we say we can then we can, if we say we can’t then we can’t,”

Tessa’s children, Tom, Emma, Matt, and Luke are her reason why she gives it everything she has daily. Family is everything to her and she puts the dream of what she can accomplish for them as her motivation to do what’s uncomfortable and putting in the effort needed to succeed.

Tessa’s X39 Testimony

“I was a one patch wonder. In just 4 hours after patching this X39 device, my nerve issues down my legs and back discomfort disappeared. Now, I have so much more energy and my mental clarity has improved tremendously.

The cramping in my fingers is gone and the biggest surprise is my eyesight has reversed 2 prescription sizes. I absolutely love this X39 technology,”

Tessa continues, “How can we NOT share this amazing technology with others and the incredible business opportunity that goes along with it? LifeWave is growing at a momentous rate because this opportunity does not only transform your HEALTH and WEALTH but its giving people real HOPE!”

A leader in family, church, business and now LifeWave, Tessa’s heart is to help and nurture others and she leads by example with a team of leaders rapidly emerging in Australia and around the world.

About LifeWave

Since LifeWave received its Patent for the X39 technology July 2020, the company has experienced explosive growth. LifeWave has grown from $20 million to over $400 million in the last 3 years with the United States being their number one market. LifeWave has recently been reward the #1 momentum Company in Network Marketing per Business for Home. All this excitement has captured the attention of many Network Marketing leaders around the world. The technology behind the X39 is very sophisticated, yet the average person can easily understand how it works. 

David Schmidt the owner of LifeWave and inventor of X39 has been doing stem cell research since 2008 and whether the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields could have beneficial effects. David has over 130 Patents and has performed many case studies on LifeWave’s X39 patch technology. To research X39 case studies, doctor reviews, patents, and testimonies go to https://thisisitinfo.com/

Get more information, facts and figures about LifeWave, click here for the LifeWave overview.

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